Thursday , June 24 2021

Christina could not beat Kambieimos

Poliarquía's study reveals that the former president has more intentions to vote than Macri, although this is below what the ruling party adds.

Poliarquia's consulting firm has revealed that Christina Kirchner surpasses Mauriceio Macri in voter voting intentions, although the president still has the advantage that the sum of Kambiesemos exceeds that of Unidad Sujadana. The work reveals a sharp decline in Macri in preferences between December and January, although Cambiemos maintains some stability between 35 and 40%. To the question "who would like to be the next president?", 15% chose the current president. In the last month of 2018, 22% chose him.

Meanwhile, Maria Evgenia Vidal was elected by 16% (15% in December) and Elisa Kariu by 4% (2% last month). This means the ruling party adds 35%, four points less than last month, despite the trend that remains at five points.

In the case of Christina, it decreases from 24 to 22 per cent in preferences, but increases the gap with Makri from two to seven points. The former president joins seven points between Axel Kissilof and Agustin Rossi, so Unidad Ciudadana reaches 29%, six less than Cambemos.

In the case of the Peronism Center, Sergio Massa consolidates itself as the best profiling. Tigrense remains at 12%, which is twice as much as that of Juan Manuel Urtubey, which shows a slight increase over the past two months. Added to Miguel Angel Pilcheto, candidates from the Federal Alternative add up to 19 percent, still far from the kirchnerism, to get a hypothetical vote.

One warning is that the study does not take Roberto Lavanja as a candidate, a figure who recently joined the list of candidates for the Peronist Center. The former minister appeared in the spontaneous assessment of the consulted persons by 1%. After analyzing some studies, Lavay would start sending signals that she would not compete in the election.


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