Wednesday , July 28 2021

Christina Kirchner in Comodoro Ro: received a special greeting from the Vatican and was accompanied by Eduardo Valdes

Sin fighters, but special supportThis was the framework that former President Cristina Kirchner had during her stay in the federal courts of Komodoro Pi to declare eight files resulting from the cause of the corruption notebooks, where she defends herself with a general report.

As in other cases where she had to explain in justice, the former president had the support and support of the former ambassador to the Holy See, Eduardo Valdez and he received it from the Vaticanan affectionate greeting"by the head of the CTEP, Juan Groba, two people, close to Pope Francisco.

"Again CFK faces a pack of court hyenas in the ditch. Where am I from, my support for a great woman and the rejection of doctors under the law"said the Social Referrer through the networks.

Valdes is the historic Buenos Aires Peronist who was an Argentine ambassador to the Vatican between 2014 and 2015 and was the coordinator of the meetings Christina Kirchner had with Francisco in the Holy See when she was president.

Grabois, meanwhile, is the leader of the Confederation of Workers of the People's Economy (CTEP), one of the references of the most critical social organizations in the government (although in more than one occasion openly praised the Minister for Social Development, Carolina Stanley) and came to work as a consultant to the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

Both Groba and Valdez knew the Supreme Pope because he was Archbishop of the city of Buenos Aires and shared the mass of victims of trafficking and exclusion.

On the other hand, in the report submitted to Judge Claudio Bonadio, Kristina Kirchner attacked magistrate and prosecutor Carlos Stormelli, attacked journalists and said she was the victim of political persecution led by the national government,

Beyond Valdez, Christina Kirchner was not accompanied by militancy and withdrew from the federal courts after 10.30. Dressed in white and bright black trousers and shoes, she moved to the silver-green Toyota Corolla, congratulated the court clerks (even taking pictures of one of them, named Ricardo Albornoz), the journalists waiting for her in one of the side income of the court building of retirement and enters a course on the fourth floor where he presents / displays the writing in Claudius Bonadio's court.

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