Saturday , May 8 2021

Chronicle of confusion: seven hours in Monumental, two delays and one final without a game

At two o'clock in the afternoon, the boys who unfold the giant shields of the river, Boca and Conmebol, when the teams left the court, were already in the field. They put them on track and field athletics. They waited for their interference and waited for the expectations. The stands had no seats. Foot fans retain their location on corridors and access roads. Three hours before the game begins.

There was a combination of feelings: illusion, hope, anxiety, nerves. The Boca River in the Copa Libertadores final was a few hours awayThe first song that awakened the stadium was at 2:26. They were singing "to be a champion today that you have to win". At 14:52 they opened the sprinklers on the field. The fans at the stadium were only sure of something: that at five in the afternoon they were playing the game they had gone to see. Irrigation of the lawn testifies it. They were the last winds of normality.

because there is no greater distance between the fan in the stadium and the outside worldThose inside were left helpless without touching the reality they did not see. There is no corner that is more out of the stadium full of people. It is a gateway to the past, to old customs: the connection is zero, there is no cell signal to survive the collapse. People had to resort to prehistoric communication: talking to each other. Phones are used only for playing, taking pictures or movies, biographical documents that will never be published until deconcentration. In this context of interruption and informative time, text messages regained their historical weight: they were the only means of communication. But they were not even that efficient.

At three in the afternoon the first signals arrived outside. A stream of people came into the rostrum: hundreds of fans who waved and scattered among the crowd. They looked adrenaline and happy. They had decided something they had dreamed of days ago: to come in without paying to see the most important game in the history of South American football. They were less interested in the suspicious look of some fans or the improvised pepper gas that the police threw to hold the malon and now attack the respiratory tract of the inappropriate.

They were symptoms of things were going outsideInside the shield the boys were in the shade, some of the protocols were clothed in giant fabrics. The voice of the stadium first appeared at 15:15 after Uruguayan judge Andres Cunha crossed the field and approached the VAR screen. "He charges a punishment with VAR this man and I kill him," said a fan without knowing that Boca's microscope had already entered Monumental with a few broken glasses.

The news of a supposed attack on the visiting team's players begins to spread around the stand. Immediately appeared the figure of "old people with radio", designed to clarify the suspicions of thousands of fans who will not stop asking him "what do you know?". They were easily recognizable: they were distinctive with headphones and self-control. They became the Chancellor of Information. "They seem to have freed the area, some fans have thrown stones on Boca's players, the police threw pepper for spraying to disperse them, and the gas went into a micro": enough information to provoke conspiracy theories, absurdities and fans, and uninformed, thoughtfully.

At 16:20 the old people with the radio, those who saved the signal line, those who were stretching their neck to see the TVs on the middle seats had already done their job. The court knew it and replied without euphemism: "You're crazy, Boca, you're crazy." The climate of hope or illusion is no longer perceived in the environment. Fans feel a sense of confusion, abandonment, helplessness. "If it was played at five o'clock, Armani had to stay warm", warned the clearest.

There were naïve feasts when information from dubious sources came from the boxes. "Six, play six," he began to proclaim. The data is distributed in all its forms. From the middle and lower stalls, where there are usually old people with radio stations and where chart from the television screens, they warned the people in the high stands: They exaggerated "at six o'clock" and stretched six fingers on their hands to reinforce the message. On the fifth afternoon official communication: the stadium's voice said the game was postponed until 18 hours. Fans were celebrating, They return to experience hope, hope, and those emotions they brought from their homes. Most football questions returned: "Nado Fernandez plays at the end?" Little did they know.

Those who sat stopped and straightened. Those who were unemployed continued to stand: they could not lose – in an overcrowded area of ​​people – the luxury they had achieved thanks to their dedication. They were the other curious heroes of football, flying: they were baptized by the courtsmen of the courts. At the same time, the shield kids meet their age: some bored people began playing football with a bottle of water. In the ring, in the bosom of the stadium where the important things are being decided, the musicians who would sing the hymns of the anthem scattered on the beach, the children who would leave their hand with the players locked in a baseball player, "There were policemen, fans, journalists, leaders, spectators, casual people, and people who may not be there.

In Monumental, an unseen truth sniffs: The game would not play at six in the afternoon"There Matthias Martin also says he does not," he warned as he moved the transmitter cabs. "Old people with radio" kept their position: for them, the owners of the truth, would also be stopped. Twenty meters away, the fans read Gaston Recondo's and Leo Farinella's lips. "Is it playing?" One journalist asked another. The answer is not a voice but a bloody gesture and a slight horizontal shake of the head.

The stadium's voice confirmed it at 5:45. He announced a second reprogramming: now River – Boca will be played at 19:15, an hour and a half later. There was no more joy, and inspiration and mistrust were embodied, "We did a good first half, we just missed the goal," we wondered the one who had the best spirit. Skepticism did not go down, even when Boca's tray placed cones on the grass or when fifteen minutes before the start of the game the fans began to unfold the suspension and inflate the canes. The Monumental had dressed for an eternal finaleIt was seven hours since they opened the stadium gates.

At 7:15 pm There was nothing but fear and anxiety. At 19:20 when you have to play a hypothetical sequel, the second time or the five minutes of the first, the explaners of the information condemned the suspension. It confirmed the television, Matthias Martin and the old radio. When all monumentals knew him, they were singing against Conmebol. Some people say the stadium's voice warns the third delay at 19:30.But the guests were already leaving, and the pleiners showed the collin of a party that had never begun.

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