Friday , January 22 2021

Cinthia Fernández gave details of her sex life and surprised several

Cynthia Fernandez revealed intimate details about his friend Martin Baclinie and surprised everyone with several sexual testimonials.

The participant relies on "Los Angeles de la MannanaWith a partner on the floor, the businessman is "lazy when it comes to training."

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Angel de Britto asked if this feature had also moved into the sexual plan, and Cynthia admitted:This is the only place where it is not lazyThen it is unclear. He sleeps so much that it looks like hibernation. And in detail: "In the intimate theme is not unclear, it seems as if it wakes up for that moment and then it is still sleeping, sex is not unclear …

Then the driver asked him what sexuality he had with his partner and the media replied: "We are now more relaxed. It's a "one," but a bomb, but before sometimes I touched the door of my room around five or six in the morning. He knocked on the door and asked if I was there. It was like a woodpecker".

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Martin Baclinie, who was on the floor, explained: "There were other cases because of the work that made her do a lot of work, so she returned to the house around four in the morning … She told me she was rehearsing for ShawMatch. Then he was bathing (at home) and that was the time. That was the only possible timetable.

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