Monday , January 18 2021

Concerned about the impact the storm might have on wheat crops

Wheat is one of the strengths of the harvest season 2018 2019 and one of the areas where the hopes for the economic rebound of the country. Meanwhile, weather conditions can play a trick as agricultural experts warn that in the Santa Fe climate reduced by 4 kintal per hectare of wheat yield,

Changes in the central and southern departments were also limited, particularly the Santa Fe stock exchange reported that the wheat collection process in the province continues slowly during the week, says Daniel Aprile, an agricultural expert, in communication with the radio program broadcast by the journalist Gustavo Sylvester,

Meanwhile, Aprile noted that the situation is expected to improve in the coming days. Over the course of days, your pace will increase, favored by climatic conditions that will stabilize and create better scenarios for the missing crop. The movement of equipment and harvesters was centered in the center and south, reaching a total of 90% of progressive zones that failed to harvest about 35,500 hectares, he said.

In this sense, they assure that this week will be an important gathering of wheat, one of the first of the season. Come, supplies of wheat will be close to 1200 million tonsThe main destination is Brazil. The price of corn and wheat in Chicago has also risen, says Martin Stryman, an agricultural journalist, while participating in radio broadcasts run daily by journalist Jorge Lanat.

Also, farmers in the agricultural sector continue to be optimistic and hope to meet the high standards set by Mauricio Macri's economic team. For the first days of December, a 20% increase in soybean exports is expected. Soybean, corn and wheat continue to grow in Chicago, Steeman, last week.

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