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Concert for a documentary that reveals never before the sexual abuse of Michael Jackson's minors

The Leaving Neverland documentary, about Michael Jackson's sexual abuse, has influenced the harshness of the testimonies of the victims of the "king of pope"Those who watched the four-hour film, which was presented at the Sundance Film Festival in the United States, described it as "devastating and very worrying ", Michael Jackson's Legacy-assure- it will never be the same again then strong production.

The film, directed by Dan Reed, focuses on testimony Wade Robson and James Seifchuk, which ensure that the author of "Thriller" He abuses them when they are children. Robson was 7, while on Safechuck he was 10 when he met with the singer.

The American artist, according to his story, has repeatedly told them that they can not reveal anything that happened in their mansion. Neverland because if they did, both, they will go to jail for life. Both presented their accusations of abuse of justice when they were already adults after the singer's death in 2009.

Reed did not first address the question of pedophilia. He is the author, among others, of the famous documentary The Pedophile Hunter, awarded with BAFTA.

James Safechuck, who was only 10 years old then, notes that he has realized this their friendship became sexual when the singer taught him to masturbateOnce, Jackson told him that while he slept, he practiced oral sex. – It is a way to experience our love, " Remember what the singer said.

Jeff Wells, the critic who saw the movie, assures that the pop star is shown as – demon, sexual predator and monster"It's a documentary, "Sometimes sexually apparent to two children who have become special" friends "to Michael Jackson, that is, lovers, until their unconscious parents have accepted him."

Since the premiere of the production was announced at the Sundance Festival, the dispute was not abandoned. Representatives of the artist's legacy have indicated that it isthe stupid attempt to get easy money with the name of Michael Jackson,

When he built the ranch Neverland In Los Angeles, it's easier to ensure privacy so the famous singer can do the misuse, James calls one by one the spaces in the mansion where Jackson abused him.

Wade, in turn, said her violence had started even younger when she was only seven years old. The family stays in Neverland, and after Jackson convinces Wade's mother, he was allowed to stay alone with the child for five days. "You and I were united by God "Jackson told him. He also told him that She did not have to trust the women and warned him that if anyone understood, he would go to jail.

Robson says that Jackson masturbated while he was forced to lay bare on his back and four legsIn one of the coldest scenes, James remembers a simulated wedding with a ring that still has and shows the camera. He claims that Jackson is rewarding him with jewelery for engaging in sexual activities. "It's still hard not to blame myself.

Both were removed from Jackson's life when younger children arrived.

Macaulay Culkin replaced Wade in the song Black or white. Before the premiere of the documentary, Kulkin said that Jackson had a "normal friendship. "

Jackson always denied any allegations of abuseThe winner of 13 Grammy Awards died on June 25, 2009, aged 50, after receiving a lethal dose of propofol,

Leaving Neverland It will be broadcasted in two parts of Channel 4 in the UK and HBO.

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