Wednesday , May 5 2021

Confirm that the CTEP warrior has died from a shot in the back

CTEP instigator, Rodolfo Orelyana, killed during an attempt to land in Ciudad Evita, a party in Buenos Aires in La Matanzza, was shot dead on the back. This is confirmed today by the Buenos Aires General Prosecutor, Julio Cote Grande, and Security Minister Christian Ritondo.

Orelana, 36, was murdered yesterday at about 6 am in the property on Route 4 and the Rickery highway in the western suburbs in the middle of a battle between two groups who wanted to take the land. which is complemented by the intervention of the security forces.

"We have a preliminary autopsy that determines the penetration of the weapon into the blade with an opening in the face area at the top of the nose," the prosecutor explained in a dialogue with C5N.

Yesterday, the security ministry in Buenos Aires announced that Orelana had died as a cause of a stab wound. According to the report of the specialists who carried out a body examination at the hospital, the victim had no entry or exit hole caused by a bullet. There was evidence that he had two wounds: one superficial on the shoulder and another on the head generated by a sharp object.

The hypothesis, which yesterday dealt with in La Plata, said Eagle had died in a battle between two groups who challenged the land this morning.

Julio Conte Grand.

However, Conte Grand and Ritondo clarified today, based on the autopsy, that death was caused by a bullet stroke on Erelan's back.

The prosecutor added that it was not possible to determine what kind of weapon was used in the attack, as "the shell does not remain in the physical cavity and the caliber will be difficult to determine".

However, by clarifying the criminals who work on the ultimate autopsy, they will try to make a weapon profile "depending on the diameter of the inlet and outlet openings and the inner work inside the human cavity."

Conte Grand also specified that the intervention was provided to Interior Affairs in Buenos Aires province to hand over the list of Buenos Aires police officers who were appointed to guard the premises and who had no weapons plus the sums from nearby commissioners that when the incidents started , they went to "at least two patrol cars" in place.

"In principle, it will be confirmed that all the soldiers who were in place to ensure the safety of the shot and possible collisions carried rubber bullets, but when the situation came out, reinforcements started to appear and we had to check the weapons that wore "Explained Conte Grand.

Meanwhile, Ritonde said that if it proves that the provincial police have some responsibility in Orelan's death, "they will be sanctioned."

The Minister recalled that the first information received after the fact reported by the hospital in which Orelyana arrived is that the fighter had a stab wound that was later rejected with the preliminary result of the autopsy.

Ritonde said there are two hypotheses: First, the course was fired during a confrontation between two sectors that questioned the usurpation and purchase of this land, and secondly, that it was a bad police action. "In both hypotheses, we will cooperate, so the truth is known, because the death of everyone in Buenos Aires is a pity," he concluded.

Following the crime, members of social movements, human rights organizations and political leaders accused the security forces and rejected the alleged police attack.

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