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Confirmed case of influenza A in a seven-year-old child from La Plata

A seven-year-old boy from Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, has become the first case of influenza A so far and has put the public on guard.

The minor who was hospitalized at La Plata's Sor Maria Ludovica Hospital was released yesterday and Tuesday the authorities of the health center explained that "the patient evolved favorably",

Also, the provincial health authorities report that the child who received "seasonal influenza and is expected at this time of year" and after noting that "the case is not serious," it is ruled out that this is a possible beginning in a hearth.

"Influenza A is not like before, it was an unusual virus, it is now a much more common virus in the country, and in most cases it is not a complication," insist sources in the province's health portfolio. Infobae,

The vaccine that protects against influenza is free of charge in all public vaccinations in the province of Buenos Aires for people who are at risk., Namely: health personnel, pregnant women in every trimester of pregnancy, children aged between six and 24 months, people between two and 64 years of age, including risk factors such as chronic cardiac, respiratory or kidney disease, immunosuppression, diabetes and obesity, and all people over 65 years old.

Protections produced by the vaccine are generated between 10 and 15 days after administration.

Influenza or influenza is a viral respiratory disease that occurs
usually during the coldest months of the year. Like other infections
Respiratory diseases are transmitted by contact with secretions of infected humans by droplets that spread by coughing or sneezing and from surfaces or objects infected with these secretions.

This disease occurs with an elevated temperature above 38 ° C, cough, nose obstruction, sore throat, headache, muscle and malaise. Children may experience breathing problems, vomiting or diarrhea, irritability, or drowsiness.

Influenza-like symptoms usually occur 48 hours after the infection, and most of the affected patients recover within one to two weeks without the need for medical treatment.

How to prevent it?
● Wash your hands frequently.
● Cover your mouth and nose with the elbow fold when you cough or sneeze.
● Maintain clean loops and common objects.
● Do not share cutlery or glasses.
● Ventilate all environments.

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