Sunday , September 25 2022

Cool video: they killed him with a screaming chest to steal a chronicle


As for the case, it has to be said that the 20-year-old was stabbed in the chest by a criminal who tried to steal his backpack when he left home with his aunt. The event was held last Saturday at 10.30 am at the intersection of the streets of Suipacha and Almirante Cordero in Sarandi.

The sequencing of the video shows how the abuser on a bicycle is doing both of them on a white day and then struggling "Hoot" the victim and escaping his motorcycle. Then he sees the young man taking his stomach and going with his aunt.

The truth is that the young man was hospitalized at Fiorito Hospital for several hours until he died as a result of injuries. Efficiently, the police 4th. of Saranda have gathered data through some witnesses to identify the perpetrator, although no suspect has been detained.

The fact is being investigated by the prosecutor Alejandra Olmos Coronel, (UFI) 1, decentralized in Avellaneda, Lomas de Zamora, a judicial department. The court clerk has ordered a series of measures to clarify the crime, including the corresponding autopsy, to be carried out in the next few hours.

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