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Cooperatives trout and even an evangelical church appear in the new monetary route K – 10.12.2018

In the new way of money K, opened in the cause of directing public works in favor of Lazaro Byce, some of the same financiers, trout coffins, and even an evangelical church investigated in the cases of Scanska, Zikone and Serra Dragon, by the way.

In the request of Prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita to sue Ercolina to investigate financier Ernesto Clrenes and the Gotti Brothers, money laundering maneuvers for $ 160 million were found among other accused. A $ 60 million dollar laundering was opened in the La Bozse process for the Money Path through La Rosadita.

In this new reason, financial maneuvers were made through the famous financial Invernes managed by financier K Ernesto Clarens, processed in the cause of bribes with bribes. Inverness was then purchased directly from Baez's environment.

The scheme was completed between 2003 and 2010 through the construction companies Gotti and Gancedo, which were also run by Báez. First, construction companies are relinquishing the checks that the government has given them for certificates of progress in Santa Cruz to Inverness. Then Inverness changed more than 5000 inspections in these financial and cooperative trout for cash and without paying the check tax. ,

Checks, for the most part, are paid "Non-Existing Services" who also appeared in trout accounts. The current INAES owner, Marcello Colombe, starts in 2015 to correct the mistakes in the cooperative register by separating the trout as Kefista and Kerisol, which Clarens has done.

The prosecutor's request is based, among other evidence, on a letter from AFIP, which is handled by Leandro Cuccioli, prepared by inspector Jaime Mecikovsky and the affiliate of the fiscal agency of Comodoro Rivadavia. AFIP crossed control data and suspected vendors to find these amazing links.

Gotti and Gandon, who were controlled by Lazaro Byz to monopolize the public work in Santa Cruz, were the connecting societies of the maneuver.

As evidence of the charge, the expert engineer said the invoices provided by Gotti "are not sufficient to ensure that neither the Suppliers, nor the goods, nor the services nor the amounts of the funds paid, are valid".

The AFIP report reveals that they were found More than 100 suppliers of truffles de Gotti and that the irregular cooperatives, the Evangelical Church and FONFIPRO (provincial province of Formosa) accounts for almost 65% of the deposits, FONFIPRO was the channel through which Formosa Governor Guido Inffrann paid $ 2 million to the recognized Old Fund company, the same as former Vice President Amado Bouchu used for illegal purchase of Sicone.

"In the GOTTI SA payments, theoretically intended to pay their suppliers from INVERNES SA, it is confirmed in the analyzes that they are in fact channeling almost 85% of the amounts of checks issued by counterfeit or accepted suppliers as such and they have been deposited in structures where, for various reasons, it was virtually impossible to control the traceability of the operation and have nothing to do with the business, geographic area or the development of GOTTI SA's operations, "the AFIP report said.

So he uses the structure of Mutual Association of United Millennium Blenders, Fonfipro, Global Equity, Stock Exchange and Facimex (the latter also participates in the K cash route), the Evangelical Pentecostal Bethieh Church in San Miguel, among twenty other companies.

"INVERNES has contracted with GOTTI SA mainly on the basis of using the MACRO BANSUD Bank account, whose money laundering prevention system needs to be reviewed and whose money laundering authorities have had to use different reports of suspicious transactions. of money during the entire operation, given the amounts, the lack of relationship between the recipients and the resulting activity of the funds and the final withdrawal, "the AFIP report said.

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