Tuesday , June 15 2021

Cordoba: The wagon hit the fence, the construction passed through the cabin and one of the dwellers dies

A 41-year-old man died, and another 43-year-old man was injured this Saturday after the truck they were traveling into entered the bridge across from Ambroseo Taravella airport in the northern capital.

That was the truck (Javier Cortes / LaVois).

According to police sources, the incident was reported to be close to 6 people and the occupants were repeatedly hurt. They must have been rescued by firefighters.

Both were transferred to an emergency hospital where the death of the 41-year-old man identified as Andres Escantolo was confirmed.

That was the truck (Javier Cortes / LaVois).

This morning in the sector, an operation was taken to remove the truck, which was embedded at the beginning of the bridge, in the hand that goes to the canvas.

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