Friday , January 22 2021

Coudet put a sharp pall on his eventual march on "Racing"

Following the rumors that linked him to one of the major teams in South America, Eduardo Coudet Dialogue at a press conference and clarified its commitment to the "Club of Competitions". And it is that the coach received an official offer for Colo Colo of Chile, whose sports director is the Argentine Marcelo Espana.

"With Espana, I met for a professional problem, but the Rasing leaders knew it in advance, just wanted to be respected with a friend, but he knows I'm committed to the club and his people., reveals "Chacho," give peace to supporters of the Argentine Super League.

And I added: "It's not easy to support you as a coach and more in Argentinean football, because there has to be growth and today I see growth in the race, which allows me to know that things can be improved every week on the basis of work. of the requirement ",

Regarding the way the team of Avellenatia plays the astonishing pace of the tournament, the 44-year-old technician analyzes: "Racing has a clear idea when it comes to playing, I feel that people are happy with this idea and that players are able to do it, we want a leading team and for one year we think we have achieved it",

The academy will receive this Sunday at 21.30 in San Martin de San Juan and will seek to expand the advantage. Consequently, Coupet does not want to take off his guard: "Racing's present is a virtue and many players, I attribute it to my efforts and healthy competition within the group that suits me, I am very pleased with what the team has generated in the last games to keep it",

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