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Credit card transactions are rising

25 November 2018 – 20:52
The product that grew most in sales was cellular telephony by 26.2%.

The number of credit and debit card transactions grew by 7.3% and 14.2% in real time, Atacho, a sector's chamber, said on Sunday.

The second biggest gain was the purchase of airline tickets, with growth of 24.6% and 54.6%.

The total turnover registered last month increased 36.4% and 42% respectively, he said.

Despite a strong increase in the total amount of card transactions, the increase – in percentages – was below the total amount of inflation in the last twelve months, measured by Indec, of 45.9%, he said.

On credit cards, the biggest increase in sales was cellular telephony, with an international growth of 26.2% in the number of transactions and 57% in size.

Second is the purchase of airline tickets, with growth of 24.6% and 54.6% respectively.

On the part of debit cards, Larneas Aereas was the largest trader, with 61.8% in the number of transactions and 77.6% in volume, followed by Payments with an increase of 49, 8% and 101%, respectively.

On the other hand, the article showing credit card failures compared to October 2017 was Home Articles, with a decline of 23.1% in the total number of transactions.

At the same time, debit cards, which reduce their number of transactions, are Furniture and Mattresses (-11.9%), Clothing and Footwear (-9.0%) and Household goods (-8.0%). ,

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