Thursday , July 29 2021

Cueva, upon his arrival at the Red: "I see it feasible, I want to materialize in these days"

Peruvian Christian Cave, one of the figures of the Selection of his country, which he directs Ricardo Gareca, continues to exert pressure on the leadership of his current club Krasnodar of Russia, to leave the institution and to join as soon as possible independentwho have already made more than one offer to hire it.

And this Monday was the 27-year-old footballer who broke the silence and clearly stated his desire to reach red: "I'm in Spain in pre-season with Krasnodar, I have great respect for Krasnodar, gave me the opportunity to come back to Europe. I want to thank the "professor" and the president of the Independent because they do, I do not want this to be wrong. I do not want to look bad, I do it because I really want to be with my family and be big".

"I communicated a week and a half ago, I was in constant contact with the people of Independence I hope God allows this to happenit would be good for me to be in contact with the ball and the football that is my greatest desire, "revealed the hook of talks with Ariel Holland and the leaders of Avellan's team.

With regard to the difficulty of negotiating to reach the King of Cups, Queva said:I think this week there will be an answerI hope the leaders listen to me, I never told them what they feel. I went to Russia with an illusion. But perhaps customs and culture are different and it is not easy to adapt to the family. I had about 3 or 4 conversations with the sports director, more than anything to show my personal theme and understand me. I can only endure it, but my family is complicated. I am grateful to Krasnodar.

"I see it more feasibleI think they listened to me, we had a lot of talks. I think they are not in vain. I want it to materialize in these daysMy position is behind 9. I have no problem playing left. I did it many times in the American Cup in Chile with Gareca. I love to have freedom and be close to the area and help the brand, "he added in a conversation with radio La Red.

Finally, the qualified midfielder surprises showing his knowledge of the club's history: "I do not need to be told about the Independent, because it's about their story. He is the King of Cups, It's nice to pretend. I can tell you about Franco Navarro who played in the club, Percy Rohas, so much. It's good to be able to think again that the Peruvians are there and give everything to Independiente to keep doing things. "

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