Monday , June 14 2021

Cynthia Ferndez's sharp comment on Rocco Oliva: "I've already married Maradona

Rocco Oliva and Diego Maradona had a long relationship of six years, which ended in December 2018. Soon after the break, they went beyond the versions of sexual violence and court charges of theft. In addition, Ten is back in touch with his former partner Verdi Oheda, who is in Mexico with Digitus Ferndo. Rocco handles the medical program after appearing in a solidarity event where he gave a few notes.

The Los Angeles cameras were in the morning and they talked to the footballer about their scandalous division. Oliva initially clarified: we parted because things were no longer working and a decision was made. I thought about it a while ago until I could do it. Leave it (on the house) because if it is not the same every day.

She was then consulted by writing the home of Bella Vista, where she lived for a moment with her family. Maradona was the one who bought his home with his money, so he could ask for it in court. Oliva preferred to be called to silence and not to give details of who the legitimate owner of the property and only assured her that she was calm about the subject.

At the end of the note ngel de Brito and his harsh experts began discussing the information provided by Roco. Cynthia Ferndes, known to talk without filters, warms up the former girlfriend of the soccer star. I do not understand why you can not say the house is in her name for security Who will go to look for her? CinthiaAnd he added, more spirited than ever: He hates Wernica Oheda, but he follows Oedah's footsteps because he goes to the baylado, they already call her to make a theater … Forget he's coming back with Maradona. I already took what I had to get out of.

Later, former dancer I raised the bet and explay without filters! "Speaking against the media: it seems I'm interested in AC to China. He already took what he had to take and left. But it's pure mathematics. And close: Obviously. Guys, with my hand in my heart, will they tell me that Rocco is seriously in love with Diego? For me it is not at all. I believe that Wernica Oheda falls in love with Diego.

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