Tuesday , January 26 2021

"Dancing 2018": María del Cerro eliminates Sol Pérez and continues in the race

(Video ShowMatch – El Trace)

Damian Garcia, partner of Sol Perez, he had to go directly to the phone on the last Monday's broadcast Bailando, as participants in the conference The specialists of the show missed the broadcast of the program to be responsible for driving alongside Nicholas Ochoaato, the awards ceremony "Martin Fiero Digil 2018".

Finally, the former "climate girl" was eliminated by voting the public at the hands of María del Cerro and Facundo Mazzei, who received 68.77 per hundred of the votes of the public.

"I'm surprised he's not here. " he said Marcelo Tinley at the beginning of the program in connection with the absence of Sol Pérez.

"Unfortunately, Martin Fiero Digital is driving. "A cycle is over for me," he said. I think this is a privilege, "the driver said in regard to the panel's decision The specialists of the show, which was presented by her coach, Soledad Bayon, and his dancer.

It is worth remembering that the vote of the public has been disputedcouples also came to a duel Jimena BaronMauro Cayasa and Julian SerranoSofia Morandi, which were guaranteed by the jury.

now, With this new elimination there are only seven couples left alive in the race, and among which will be the four who will play in the semi-finals next week.

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