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Dancing 2019: La Chipi talks about her possible pregnancy and took a live test

(ShowMatch Video – Thirteen)

"Congratulations! My God, boots, huge, congratulations," said the driver.

"No, not yet, I don't know, I don't know. It just happened to me what happened here to me," the dancer tried to explain.

"What happened here? Because we don't know anything. Please start from scratch because we don't know anything beyond the title," Marcelo asked.

"I broke into makeup and the girls listenedsaid the choreographer.

"Well, decomposition can break anyone who doesn't allow you to be pregnant. Here, Angel, who is number one in what he does, says 'yes' is pregnant," said the driver.

"No, because they called Daddy later and told me about my privacy," the participant said. “It was obviously deep. He had already told her what was more funny to him. Nothing, this I went for an ultrasound and he told me to be careful because the IUD had dropped a few inches"And then he touched what happened to me and they started to tie the ends and now they offered me, so I'm getting out of here and I'm going to do an Evatest," he added.

"The coach who you feel is pregnant?" Asked Tinelli of the couple's choreographer.

"She was tired these days, very low energy these days. And she's back, sorry, that's another symptom," she said.

"Yes, the dressing rooms were on top. They listened to everything and told me, are you okay? Yes, yes, no, no. I kept going, I couldn't stop," Chipi admitted.

Then the driver sought the opinion of his dance partner, ie. George Molini,

"I hope it's not Mars. We said it on the show, in Always showwho wrench I was talking Dady and he sent him audio on WhatsApp and Duddy sent him what he may have been wanting, "said the Paraguayan dancer.

"I wish it wasn't because we're doing so well, we're dancing. No, because we have to be more careful about the grip, we're not going to do all the tricks. Marseille is very stressful because you have to be careful, you don't have to cancel it, it's bigand it makes me feel very responsible because I love her so much. And also our Super Dancing, getting pregnant now … "he added.

"Almost all of the dancers we were pregnant with arrived at the end of their pregnancy dancing," he explained. Lolo Rossi consulted by Marcelo.

"I made it to the finals of dancing in Chile by eight months. There was a doctor the whole timeand mainly in the first months we make sure that there is no blow, but then we can do everything, "he said. pampita,

"pampita She's younger, she's older, her pregnancy will be at risk. If she gets pregnant that she is old, then you need to look after her for more reasonPampita is young, I remember dancing in Chile, but she's small, Chipi is bigger. She said that if she got pregnant, she would be at risk now, so I prefer not to, "the dancer finished.

"I'll tell you something, Chipi, he's going to dance and then he's going to have a pregnancy test. I'd like to hear the news here, play the game," asked San Lorenzo's vice president before launching.

Following Marcelo's request, La Chipi returned to the track, hand in hand, after the presentation of Lola Lator,

(ShowMatch Video – Thirteen)

Haven't you seen it yet? Marcelo asked before opening it.

"No, I put it and nothing God wants," he said.

"What will I ask the doctor Labonia, before you open this Evatest, which will determine if a new mother, if a new resident comes to Argentina, a new voter, then we'll see who votes, the important thing is to vote. Chipi, did you pee before you came in? Tinelli asked

"Yes, before I dance," Chipi said.

"Doctor, how long does it take to do this research?", Then the driver asked Dr. Labonia.

"Yes, you should at least have a concentration of three hours, you should have a detention of at least three hours, but the test is not reliable, "said the doctor.

"Without the results, we cannot send Argentines to sleep. Gentlemen, look at him, hair. She is not pregnant so far, what I'm going to ask about this weekend is a new study, a concentration of three hours of urine and then pee, "said the driver.

"I do it tomorrow morning, the first thing I do," the couple promised Dadi Brieva,

"Call me tomorrow Friday morning," Tinelli asked with a laugh.

"I'm doing it tomorrow," she quit.

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