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Dario Barassi, victim of insecurity DiarioShow

Dario Barassi He is experiencing an episode of uncertainty that completely changes his day. With a sense of anger and frustration, the actor made a strong disclaimer in his Twitter account and told how bad he had happened.

– Angle, towel, I say no, because my machine was too washed out of the laundry. He gets upset, starts to hit me in the glass. Heavy. But one is used … Very badly used, Barassi began the first event he had to live in.

"I do not know how … But there came a little kid in the back, lazy, envious and stole my new cage … I screamed" no "and tried to get out of the car, but I was foaming because the child was already 25 km and mine is not working, " he continued.

And then he thought about the situation in the country: "Extreme poverty, violence, insecurity, criminality … How exhausting it is to live in this way, and the worst thing is that for years we've gotten used to it, that's normal." Serious mistake A bitch wants to leave the country, loses hope and patience … Where does this reality end? ".

In addition, the humor decided to give advice to the perpetrator who grabbed his phone and the man who hit his glasses: – The child who stole me … I sell it and please drink a barbecue with your friends and make it an unforgettable evening. If life and present give you the opportunity to study or work, do not let it pass, it's more complicated, but much more dignified and rewarding.

And he concluded: "To the rag that I piss with pineapple glasses that for a while your father's pain hurts me, then I want you to be able to calm the fever and the pain you have without breaking that fat man's car … I understand you're tough .

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