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Dark matter in the universe can exist before the Big Bang | Technology and science science


When you talk about dark matter there are more doubts than answers that can be found. It's a substance that exists in the universe, but it does cannot be seen with current electromagnetic technology and physical theories do not fully explain itNow a scientist suggested a model to pose for its existence from before the big bang, the explosion that is postulated as the beginning of space

It's about Tommy Tenkanen, a Johns Hopkins University physicist, who published suggests that dark matter be from before this point in astronomical history.

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"The study reveals a new link between the physical and the astronomical particles," he writes, addingand "if dark matter is made up of new particles that were" born "before the Big Bang, then they would affect the way galaxies are distributed in space in a unique way. "

In his work, published in the journal Physical Review Letters, he details that "this link can be used to identify and reach conclusions from earlier times"until this explosion.

"If dark matter really was a remnant of the Big Bang, in many cases researchers must have already seen a direct signal of dark matter in various experiments with physical particles ", Tenkanen postulate.

The scientist explains that "although we do not yet know what dark matter is, if it has anything to do with a scalar boson – an elementary particle like the one proposed in 1964 by Higgs Boson, which was observed in 2012 by CERN's efforts – then this substance may be older than the Big Bang. "

This idea already exists in some theoriesHowever, the proposal of this scientist provides a possible mathematical model of the situation.


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