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Deacon of Cesar Menotti in his new round in the National Team – 25.01.2019

Cesar Menotti knows what he says and how to say it. It is said that when you talk to friends, acquaintances, football players, coaches, football people, if he speaks, you hear the silence of others. The question is not new. This is about him, with the new director of selections, a poster that looks richer that he accepts him and will try to respect him. In the press center, in AFA, in Ezeiza, the scene is repeated: here it is El Flaco, coach of the world champion, to take up his position. He does it in his own way and way. With elegance, with naturalness. And up to the eight decades of life and football is also offered without celebrations.

This is the first time you step on the property."They never called me", says as an explanation. Smile without exaggeration.

In the course of the press conference, after being presented by the organizer of his arrival, AFA President Claudio Tapia left a decalogue of affirmations that are very similar to the upcoming.

-For refining?Clarin asked in this space.

"I'm not the one to define it.

Time will tell about it. What follows is this definition.

1) "I want to generate chemistry between the national team and the people, it has been weak for a long time, not for success or failure, but for the relationship that only the matches of the national team gave me. that the footballer understands what it means to play in the national team and this is a mania that I have "

2) "I still dream of selecting people, Argentine matches are filled with spectators who go to the boxes once a year and are from models to artists, I want Selection that will enchant everyone."

3) "I dream of a team that introduces us, and I do not care if it is later or later, but it is better than the rest." scenario. "

4) "The big figure is the coach (Lionel Scaloni), he is above all else, he is the only one responsible, I will cooperate"

5) "I want a team that trains and rehearses, we have to be like an orchestra, and that's not something else."

6) "Messi is the best player in the world, no doubt, but Argentina also plays with Pederneira, Sivori, Maradona and Messi, and without all of them, I do not want to make the point that if Messi comes we are saved.

7) "If I do not feel comfortable here, I will continue very little, today will do my best to bring my 80th birthday to a football field."

8) "Argentina is looking for a team, you must first have a team that you need to look for."

9) "The technician is the one who is there and he makes decisions, I do not bring assistants or spies, then we will agree, I do not come with a technician under my arm but I will go to the training, I will talk, I will try to help him but I will not interfere with your decisions. "

10) "I do not know how much better people are than those who are here.

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