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Debate "The Challenges of Adult Vaccination" with two experts

"The challenge for adults is to summarize the culture of vaccination that we have taken in childhood that there vaccines in all ages of life; they bring advantages at every age, not only in childhood, we must promote this culture of immunization for both patients and healthy people, "Dr Arazola protects.

on vaccines are one of the best cost-effectiveness measures to ensure healthy aging, said this doctor.

"Invest vaccines it's not cost but it helps maintain the health system, but sometimes health policies require immediate results, and vaccinations are seen in the medium and long term, "said Dr. Esther Rendo.

"For primary care physicians, the challenge is that every time an adult contacts the health system, think about the vaccination card, come for advice for whatever reason, you should be interested in this brochure in cooperation with the nurses" , he says.

Esther Reedondo focuses on educating, educating and turning the patient into an ally informing vaccines what is the elderly "to avoid risks and very close and in contact with patient associations that have a burden on health authorities."

Vaccination calendar 2019

Doctors Pilar Arrazola (left) and Esther Rendo, at a time of the debate "The Challenges of Adult Vaccination" / EFE / Javier Liaño

The unique vaccination calendar for all ages, agreed in mid-November last year by the Intergovernmental Health Council, to be implemented in 2019 and includes 10 vaccines who immunized against 14 diseases were evaluated by doctors.

"This calendar is a clear and decisive step forward, yes, is it positive?" We undoubtedly asked for a calendar to focus the focus on adult vaccination as a common axis from birth to death, but I could rely on some vaccines more because there was more demand and ambition, "says Dr. Redondo.

Pilar Arrazola points out that this calendar "needs to be uploaded" by the Autonomous Communities and hopes it improves the justice, solidarity and rationality of the system.

"There are points in the calendar that have remained too open and there will be inconsistencies, maximum is not agreed in vaccines for adults, "added the head of preventive medicine on October 12th.

Dr Pilar Arrazola during the debate / EFE / Javier Liaño

In the course of the debate, Redondo highlights: vaccines They should be part of a healthy lifestyle such as quitting smoking, eating healthy or exercising. Furthermore, vaccines they have solidarity, because the benefit is for the human, but also for the family, the work, etc. ".

Why vaccination in adults does not go well with children, we ask doctors.

"The population believes vaccines they only affect the very old or sick in the case of influenza or children in pediatrics, but it is not known about the risk of illness. It is not believed that having epic, asthma, diabetes or liver disease increases the chances of taking certain infections that can be prevented by vaccination, "says Redondo.

He adds: "It is believed to be so vaccines in childhood are sufficient for the rest of life and are not known to require periodic doses of memory. "

Dr Esther Redondo at one point in the debate "The Challenges of Adult Vaccination" / EFE / Javier Liaño

Pilar Arrazola added: "Doctors who work with adults are not familiar with what the pediatrician has, all vaccination is aimed at boys and girls and we do not see the prospect of adult vaccination, and you have to judge adulthood with childhood. "

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