Sunday , June 13 2021

Defense and justice won San Lorenzo and came to the race

Defensa y Justicia won 1-0 at San Lorenzo and reached Racing at the head of the Argentinian Superliga de Fútbol (SAF). The only goal of the match was scored Fernando "Hook" Marquez for extra time.

It was an intense game in which Hawk showed superiority, especially in the physical. However, the visit also had chances to take advantage, but did not take advantage of them.

The initiative has always been one of the focus Sebastian Bekache, who in any way tried to reach a goal that did not seem to arrive.

However, in one of the last plays of the game, after a bad pass from Fernando Belusky it began to shape what the winning goal would be. Matthias Rohas changed the front, so Ignacio Aliseda unbalanced the "cuerva" defense and left only Marquez, who sent him to save.

With this victory, those of Florencio Varela reached the race by 36 points, although the Academy would be able to escape if it crossed the Aldosives in Mar del Plata this Saturday.

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