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Del Potro – Djokovic live: ATP Masters 1000 of Rome, live




I already have POTRO! 5-3

What point of Delpo! It's unbelievable how Argentina plays against number one in the world. 3-3

Many mistakes by both players. The stands are now jelly in favor of Nole.

6 – 6 PLAY FOR BROKEN AND THE ARGENTIAL FORCE OF THE CONNECTION !! What option should Argentina take to the match.

The match lasts 2 hours. What a great duel they give us.

Win or lose the game, Del Potro shows that he has returned to a high level after injury.

5 – 6 NOLE GAME !! He will take Del Potro to the tie.

5 – 5 ARGENTINA GAME! CONFIRM BREAKER DELIVERY !! Very good blows to Tandil.

BREAK BALL FOR DEMO !! Excellent service from Tandil. Djokovic begins to get tired.

4 – 5 DRAWING GAME !! HOW GOOD ARIES! It seems he can turn around.

A good break for Noll. The Argentine will have another opportunity. 40-15.

Three pauses for Delpo !! What a good game now is played by Tandil 40-0.

Nol complains a lot about the state of the track, and his stands tame him.

What is the benefit of Delpo? Djokovic little nervous.

3 – 5 PLAY FOR PONY !! He very well recovered the initial mistakes in Argentina and shortened the distances. Nole will serve to take the set.

Poor service to Del Potro. The one in Tandil struggles.

2 – 5 ANOTHER NOLE GAME !! Now Delpo has no good time and missed the second set.

2-4 SERBIA GAME !! Nole finally managed to take advantage of a pause and increase its advantage.

Djokovic takes 0/8 in rest balls. The Serbian is not comfortable.

2 – 3 NOLE GAME !! The Serbian again has an advantage on the set.

Pull the two players' door. Delpo and Nole enjoy a great game.

He seems very disappointed Djokovic in this match. Del Potro does not make it easy, and Serbian makes many mistakes.

2 – 2 PLAY NOW FOR DELUXE !! In a visible and unseen Tandil took the game. Great service to Argentina.

1 – 2 NOLE GAME !! Serbia shows all its virtues and goes back.

What a point! He sent it Del Potro under his feet and Neil is over. 0-30.

1 – 1 PLAY FOR PONY !! He took advantage of the service and the Argentine team.

Now it's getting very difficult Nole,

Del Potro will now serve.

0 – 1 NOLE GAME !! Tandil did not pull out well, and Serbian took the first set of the second set.

Del Potro did not close well and Djokovic was 0-40.

It will serve Djokovic at the beginning of the second set.


PENETTO COMPARTMENT He waited well and won the lead over Nole.

And again lost the ball! Delpo's ball hit the line.

Another bubble for Serbian!

Djokovic did and Delpo had a huge mistake! Advantage for the Serbian. Tandil does not take advantage of Noel's mistakes.

Lose the Serbian balloon for a break! Noll complains about the ground.

Break the ball to Nole!

WHAT YOU ACCEPT THE PENTO VIOLENCE! Djokovic defended well, but the fatigue took off and the Argentine took the game. 30-30.

What a bad service to Argentina. Nelpo now looks nervous.

5 – 4 NOLE GAME !! The bad rest now on Del Potro and the Serbian cuts.


What Serbian Error! He sent it. 30-30.

He does not take anything good that serves his Delpo. Many directional changes and Nole get 0-30.


Advantage and Second Holiday Ball for Argentina!

Del Potro's error in the rest and losing a ball to break. There will be a couple. 40-40.

What extinction of Argentina! Break point for Delpo!

It will be difficult to cope with the game you offer DjokovicThis will not be impossible, but Del Potro You will be exhausted. 30-15.

Delpo error. He crossed his legs for the answer and did not hit the ball well.

3 – 3 PLAY FOR TANDIL !! The Argentine is experiencing his best moment in the game and is causing many mistakes for Djokovic.


How bold Delpo to save a ball for a break! 40-40.

Crush the ball for the Serbian!

The rest of Knoll did not come out! Del Potro must take advantage of his service to break Serbian.

Many mistakes now for Tandil's tennis player.

The incredible rest of Djokovic! 15-15.

Del Potro will serve to try to tie the set.

2 – 3 NOLE GAME !! Del Potro did not feel comfortable, and the Serbian demonstrating its full potential.

Delu's wolf goes to the net !!!

2 – 2 PLAY FOR PONY !! The Argentine knows how to deal with the crowd very well. Long games with changes in the directions that currently look to Delpo.

Advantage for Delpo !! Very long points.

Loss of Djokovic's advantage! Del Potro This does not make things easier for Serbian.

Advantage to Nole!

Deuce! Djokovic does not get out well and it's 40-40.

Break the ball for the Serbian!

The only one Tandil he does not know how to take advantage of the service and looks restless. Noll does not give up. 30-30.

Serves Del Potro in this fourth game from the second set.

1 – 2 SERBIA GAME !! The incredible end of the game. Djokovic put Delft on his left.

How good are the services of Nole, The Serbian is a specialist in the physical wear of his rivals.

Now he was nervous Tandil and took out the ball. 15-15.

He holds Delpo very well, but in the long run these long points can lead to that.

1 – 1 PLAY FOR TANDIL !! It seems to be very even …

Very good service delpo and Djokovic is wrong.

The long point where Noel ends in failure. 30-15.

Serbs have slipped now. 15-15.

The attitude of Nole This is very clear. Long carrying points delpo psychologically and physically

That's what Tandil is going to serve now.

0 – 1 FIRST NOLE GAME !! Delpo failed in the rest, and number one in the world was the first game of the game.

Double Djokovic's Wine! Serbian seems nervous.

Long ball in this second point i Djokovic's mistake in the answer. 15-15.

Start strong Nole, Great Serbian serve and delpo Does not work well.

Serves Djokovic in this first game.

The party begins in Rome!

Full stood on the track to witness this duel.

Both players are already warm in the center.

Everyone is ready to start this impressive duel between Del Potro and Djokovic.


The two players are waiting to jump on the track.

He left good feelings in Madrid, but in these fights he finished with a demonstration that Delpo will again be among the best as soon as he recovers 100% of the knee injury.

The match between Mladenovic and Sakkari is over, so Del Potro – Djokovic – will start in a few minutes.

Schwarzman, rival of the winner in this game, states: "I prefer to play against Del Potro, Djokovic is very tough"

Djokovic has been unstoppable in recent weeks and yesterday defeat Shapovalov (6-1, 6-3) and Kolshireber (6-3, 6-0) almost without allowing opponents to challenge the match.

Tandil's tennis player reaches the quarterfinals in Rome after sto work yesterday on a double day for the Belgians Goffin (6-4, 6-2) and Norwegian Ruud (6-4, 6-4),

This was happily shown Juan Martin del Potro after the game yesterday.

The game will be played at the last turn of the day on the largest runway in the complex after the women's match between Mladenovic and Sakkari is over.

Anyone who wins this match will face Peke Schwartzman in the semi-finals, so there may be Argentine duel and will make sure Argentine presence in the final,

Of the 19 times they have encountered in an official match, Del Potro managed to beat Djokovic only four times.

The match will start at 16:30.

The Argentine and Serbian will face it almost a year later. The last time people were seen was in the US Open final in 2018, with bitter memories of Tandil, who fell in three sets of 6-3, 7-6 and 6-3.,

On this occasion Del Potro faces Novak Djokovic, number one in the world.

Welcome to the relay of the Masters 1000 quarterfinals in Rome!

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