Friday , January 22 2021

Denounced a professor of psychology who offered students free sessions to abuse them

First, it was a 19-year-old girl counting in Police Station The Woman of Moron who had attended the professor's office, six blocks away from the faculty, where I was sexually abused,

Then, when three other women joined the complaint about events that happened in some cases a few years ago, according to sources.

Although the accused has already been notified of the charges against him, Moron Prosecutor's Office conducting the investigation she will not be able to advance in the cause, as there is only date for the psychological expertise of the defendant in April 2019.

"He put me on the couch and started telling me that I had problems with hugging people that if I could imagine how I did oral sex and how I opened my legs well so that it would go well inside me"said the student identified as M.

The young woman said she refused to do what she wanted, and the teacher continued: "I am your friend, I want to help you, so that life is more pleasant", then grabbed her hand, kissed her forehead and touched her vagina with her clothes.

"He wanted to masturbate and I did not let him in. In another session he mesmerized me and masturbated me to the point where the sessions took place sexual encounters that have led to confusion and guiltShe said she should cure me because I'm sick, "said the woman at age 40.

A few days later, on November 21, another supposed victim of the teacher was encouraged to report that she was a student of the accused in 2012 and that she should be abused in 2013. He contacted him to be seen after he had interrupted his long relationship.

"He offered me free sessions and when I went to his office he told me he would hypnotize me. She put me on the couch, caressed me and asked me to unlock my corset. I went to the bathroom and fled", convicted the woman identified as S, 30 years old.

The latest complaint was filed on 24 November to manipulate and investigate the crime of a 30-year-old woman identified as a Member State. Who reports that he has been in contact with the defendant in 2015

Complaints against a professor who is a PhD in Psychology who graduated from the University of Salvador and is a specialist in hypnosis, bulimia and anorexia, Prosecutors from Moron and it is likely in the next few days to unite in UFI 4, charged with Valeria Curtade.

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