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Details of the first abuse complaint against Rodrigo Eguillor – 08/12/2018

Although Rodrigo Eguilor is a law student who has not studied subjects for nearly a year, at age 24 he is perhaps closer to justice than many of his former professors.

Both as an accused and as a convict, you have five open cases. For this reason he barely regained his freedom on Thursday by Paul II of Al-Qaeda Roberto Petitata in La Plata, went to the library of the Faculty of SBA to request books on the Penal Code.

As he said hunting horn Fernando Burland, lawyer of Lourdes Segura, 21-year-old girl from Ituzaingó, with whom Eguillor was fighting on the balcony of an apartment in San Telmo, the defendant of severe sexual violence "In Capital is more complicated than in the province". More precisely, from the "first sacrifice", the woman, who on April 22, 2016 he also condemned for the same crime,

This woman, at this time of 45 years, according to the complaint "married" and "employee of Casino de Buenos Aires", said that the former person for public relations at 13.45 when he was in the parking lot of the floating casino seconds after he got out of his car – a red Volkswagen beetle to get into work.

As we walk through a sector that is only used by employees and from parking with a valet, saw Eygiler approach her. When it was a few centimeters, he would touch the "breast"The woman defended himself and began screaming for help. A security agent listened to her, and the Argentine Naval Force employees intervened. They took her to talk to Julio Diaz of the casino's security office informing him that the episode had been Registered by surveillance cameras.

In these images, according to the complaint, it is also noted that Eguillor, on his way to the complainant, "His penis is out of his pants and he masturbates", At that time Eguillor was 21 years old.

Burland said he was "very attentive" to this complaint and claimed it would be crucial "as evidence during the trial." At the same time, he assured that the woman, the "first victim," was "in custody," so she did not outweigh her identity. It is unclear whether the complainant, the mother of three children and grandmother, is still working in the casino, because during the attack, Diaz told her that Eguillor was a "regular client" and was afraid to go back to his place.

From this complaint, the defendant for sexual violence in two cases, and shaping (chat with minors with sexual intentions) in two more, there is no entry into the casino. The case led to Court No. 3 and Eguillor was detained with preventive detention and was confiscated. This procedural course was confirmed in November 2016 by Chamber V of the Criminal and Reform Chamber.

According to the published Infobae, who talks to the casino-woman family, "tried to negotiate with the Eguillor with public work instead of prison, the victim refused, so Rodrigo was sent to court."

Eguillor too there is no entry into the country Solar del Bosque, in Canning, where his mother lives, the prosecutor for criminal prosecution of Lomas de Zamora Paula Martinez Castro. There, as in the casino, it was announced "persona non grata"Although a public transport company can not prohibit its use of a citizen, the passengers of the Mitter who admitted it did not allow him to continue his journey to the north. Conquered by the situation – minutes from a possible link – Eguillor He had to go up to Rivadavia Station in Nunez.

This squadron, like any episode that includes it, too was recorded by a witness and became viral in social networks.

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