Monday , January 18 2021

Details of Thelma Fardín's complaint against Juan Darthés

According to the text, the violation occurred around seven in the afternoon May 17, 2009 at Holiday Inn of Managua, where the voter has just returned after having participated in the shopping center in the capital, Galleria Santo Domingo.

"When she was in the room investigated (…) after she threw her into bed, she approached the victim and pulled him to the side of the short shorts she wore and put her tongue in the vagina of oral sex)", details the document signed by Fardin and Assistant Prosecutor Marilyn Del Carmen Rivera Esco.

And adds: "At the same time he places two fingers on one of his hands in the vagina of the victim, Then the investigator is placed on the victim's body and always pulls or pulls the victim, enters the penis and begins circular movements with his penis in the vagina".

The text indicates that Darts did not use "any kind of protection," and that "When they knocked on the door (…), it quickly rose, during which time the victim took advantage of the opportunity to get out of bed and then retire to his room",

In addition, the presentation explains that in April 2018, Fardin went to the Specialized Unit for Combating Violence against Women in Argentina, but prosecutor Mariela Loboseta told him that they could not investigate a case that had happened outside of national territory. finally the actress condemned the fact in Nicaragua after meeting with the Argentine Consul in this country and with representatives of the CPDH (Permanent Commission on Human Rights).

Following the statement, prosecutor Rivera Escoto asked the Institute of Legal Medicine to practice the victim's series of judicial expertise of the type psychological (to determine the mental disability produced and the treatment required) and physically (to check if there are injuries in the genital and paragen region).

Sabrina Cardibia, explained the attorney who advised her in Argentina Infobae that the collection phase will begin. That the crime will be condemned in the country where it happened, and that most Argentina could provide co-operationSources of security agencies have confirmed to the media that Darts "may be detained by Interpol from PFA if a judge from Nicaragua has issued an international arrest warrant."

The criminal case for which Darthhes is accused has not been prescribed: this has happened at 10 years and passed 9. In Nicaragua, the punishment for a violation of a person aged 15 or over is 8-12 years in prison and may be increased to 15 years in the event of aggravating circumstances.

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