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Diego Maradona failed when he arrived in Argentina and sent a political message

Diego Maradona is already in Buenos Aires, The Technical Director will stay in Argentina for 10 days: here he will operate the left early trauma with Jorge Batista, head of the Boca Juniors medical team. Thereafter, the star will return to Mexico, where there is a principle of consensus to continue before Dorados de Sinaloa for another 24 months.

Just step on Argentine soil, The "Ten" had to face their first failureThe social networks began to run the version that was delayed by the police security police. Half an hour after the plane landed (at 21.14), Maradona, accompanied by his attorney Matthias Morla, left Minister Pestarini de Ezeiza in a minibus preceded by an AIA vehicle. He even greeted the media at the place they came to filming their arrival in the country.

Police sources indicated that he was only "notified" of the case that Rosio Oliva had initiated the money he claimed for the six years he lived with him: the claim is for $ 6 million and a department in Palermo. For the occasion, there is a hearing scheduled for June 13, to which Diego will not be present because he is already planning to return to Mexico. As a result, his lawyer Matthias Morla will be present.

The moment of departure of Maradona from Ministro Pistarini airport

Besides, from Maradona's middle, they guarantee that, as usual, every time they arrive in Argentina, Diego expects to get out on the trackBut on this occasion he was forced to leave the terminal. Therefore, a security operation had to be installed in order to leave the airport.

Diego presents his first moments in the country through his account at Instagram, at the top of the van as he travels to his home in Norway. He even took the opportunity to send a political message to support Alberto Fernandez-Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner's candidacy. – Already in Buenos Aires, on my way home, with my friend Matthias Morla, very pleased with the news that Alberto Fernandez will be our new president, thanks to GRAN Cristina, Greetings to all!he wrote to a representative next to a photograph.

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