Saturday , January 23 2021

discover a molecule that eliminates the bacterial plaque

The scientific discovery may be the decision to remove a forever yellowish color that sometimes appears on the teeth.

on yellow teeth They are enemies of all, so many recipes are sought to achieve and always be bright. Some resort to tooth thread, mouthwash, sodium chloride, and others.

A group of scientists from University of Coimbra In Portugal, he discovered a molecule that prevents molecules from remaining in the teeth.

His head hurt, he went to the guards and found his teeth in his brain

This conclusion, which can be applied not rinses in the mouth, it is called "biolocker". "The bacteria are stunned and the organic molecule will not allow them to attach to their teeth," said Sergio Matos, clinical director of the study.

According to the specialist, the oral solutions we use are actually "bactericides who kill them indiscriminately, both good and bad. "

This new molecule Put in rinsing, it can function as a non-stick coating that guarantees 24-hour protection.

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