Wednesday , June 16 2021

"Dog Mode", Elon Musk's new invention to keep pets happy in the car

The Tesla autopilot system continues to add new features. After launching the simulation of gases through the central screen, the California electric car brand announced this in the next hours will be available mode "Dog",

This was confirmed by Elon Musk, founder of the car maker, through the Twitter social network. He said that: a "Sentinel Mode",

Details of this new feature have not yet been revealed but a network user has asked him if Dog Mode can leave music and air conditioning while the dogs are inside (and people leave them alone for a while in the car) at the same time as the message is played on screen "I'm fine, my owner will come back soon" and Musk answered affirmatively.

So far, this is unknown, although it seems like this new feature will offer the service offered by the user or very similar.

Sentinel mode, meanwhile, will allow that the 360 ​​cameras of the vehicle record and control at any time what happens to the environment of the vehicle while it is parked. It was also suggested by a Twitter user after having suffered a Tesla damage on public roads.

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