Thursday , July 29 2021

Due to the exchange rate, the dollar flight was a record in 2018 and reached $ 27,230 million

The flow of the dollar that happened in 2018 is the cause the output of the system in foreign currency is a record for the past 16 yearsAccording to information from the Central Bank, run all year round accrued U $ S 27,320 million and surpassed the previous 2008 brand.

The monetary authority publishes a report on the forex market, which in one of its positions analyzes what is called "formation of external assets of the non-financial private sector", an index that BCRA has started publishing since 2002.

What it means in general is the amount of the dollar that has "left" the financial system, or for savings under the mattress, safe or other investment in the country and abroad. These are the general foreign currency conversion of pesos made during this period.

The escape to the dollar, which woke up in the last days of April last year, has affected the increase in purchases of dollars to accumulate US $ 4,616 million in Mayand according to the Central Bank this trend is starting to return from July.

Another symptom observed by the guy Guido Sandleris is that some companies had to sell their dollars in the second half of the year as the tightening of high-interest money eliminated the possibility of financing in the banking system and had to go to get pesos is changing its currencies.

The volume traded on the stock market amounted to 40,700 million US dollars. in December last year, an increase of 3.34% compared to November and a fall of 18% yoy by 18%, the Central Bank said.

In the retail sector, net purchases in December last year were $ 800 million, according to official data. "Although December is a month of high seasonality in the demand for foreign currency for accumulation and for travel abroad, the net record of purchases is between minimum values ​​after the relieving exchange rules in December 2015", ie from the beginning of the stock."

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