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Early on Tuesday there will be problems with public transport – 25.11.2018

With an axis in the salary discussion on the theme "Revenue and end-of-year bonus", the transport sector will hold Tuesday, between 4 and 7 am, workers' meetings that will affect the services of teams – short, long, trains, underpasses, harbors , airplanes and trucks. They think so by mid-morning the various services will be standardized.

The degree of actual service impact in each sector will depend on how active the composition is. In any case, the Argentine Confederation of Transport Workers (CATT), who runs Juan Carlos Schmidt, warned that "services will always suffer."

While it will not happen, it is enough to remember that the airline and Australian conflict of November 8 began with morning meetings set at 7 to 10, which eventually spread to almost 18 hours, causing chaos.

Port Schmid also heads Fempinra (Federation of Ports), so it is rejected that there will be more impact in this sector. In fact, the head of the union chose the port terminal that faces Comodoro Py to give a press conference this Tuesday morning to announce steps to follow and explain the scope of the measure.

Guillermo Dietrich. The Minister will receive transport guides on Monday.

Guillermo Dietrich. The Minister will receive transport guides on Monday.

But a meeting with the government was held in the middle. This will be this Monday afternoon and an "open agenda" between this sector and Ministers Guillermo Dietrich (Transport) and Dante Sika (Production). The official sources noted that "the meeting is scheduled before the conflict with aeronautics." Although they note this there is no place to disassemble the fittings they clarify that "we are doing everything so as not to interfere with services" by leaving an open door and perhaps asking them to re-establish the service for the six who start the peak hours. They will also seek to limit trade union leaders so that the conflict does not escalate.

It is always valid and may also serve as a negotiating tool, the possibility for the government to bring the law into Congress to declare public passenger transport a 'basic service' which would limit the impact of force measures. Remember, in June 2017, Cambaymo had an attempt to refer to this law in the MEPs, but it failed because of a lack of quorum.

In addition, the joint effect also plays in trade union unions. For example, Truckers have already signed an agreement by May and 40%. Roberto Fernandez of UTA is still negotiating salary adjustment chambers with an uncertain future while the four rail unions have been redeployed in October.

According to statistics processed by CATT, profits affect more than 80% of workers. Who will charge the bonus is still unclear as companies have not yet defined it. Of course, Schmid has already set his position, which combines both Union claims that will take this Monday to the table: "If the bonus wins profits, they take us as assholes."

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