Monday , June 14 2021

EDEN cut the light of SanCor's plant due to lack of payment

The Sancor plant, located on national route N 5, is not active due to a power cut due to non-payment. Terminating the service, registered about 10 days ago, makes the installation inoperative.

LA RAZON confirmed the service cut due to a debt of 4 million pesos. EDEN will discontinue the service in time and format, but when the payment is not completed, the service is interrupted.

Representatives of Adecoagro, the company's owner on the N5 road, will turn to the offices located in the corner of Moreno and Belgrano to advise on the debt and how to settle it.

Unfortunately, interruption of electrical energy not only does not cause any activity, but stored products will also lose the cooling circuit.

You will also have an interrupted gas service.

Adecoagro on

This is the company associated with the financial mogul George Soros, which began in Argentina in 2002 with the purchase of the Prez Companc fields (Pecom Agropecuaria).

Today, the company, based in Luxembourg, has about 290,000 hectares of land in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, operating in the agro-industrial segment of rice and sugar cane, and in the last financial year (2010) about 300 million dollars.

In the history of the company, the cornerstone is the purchase of Pilag, a traditional Argentine company, with which they not only make more land, but also the two rice mills on the coast.

Other important purchases are those of La Lcteo SA, with which they have access to production (4,600 cows) and industrialization of milk, AgroInvest and sugar cane mills in Brazil.

The assets of this company are 21 in Argentina, 15 in Brazil and 2 in Uruguay. Three rice mills and seven storage plants in Argentina; 2 coffee factories and 2 sugar cane and ethanol mills in Brazil, the latter with a processing capacity of 5.2 million tons. 84% of the hectares are in our country, and Brazil – 13%, and Uruguay – the remaining 3%.

With this portfolio business units look pretty well defined.

A) Production of a grain bin with clear leadership of the operation in Argentina.

B) Rice, also based in Argentina, with production of about 100 000 tonnes.

C) Caf, based on Brazilian state Baha and irrigation application.

D) A dairy farm with 4,600 cows, which are produced in a stable system (Venado Tuerto), the first in South America. In 2009, they produce 47.5 million liters of milk, an average of 28.3 liters per day.

E) Livestock breeding. They do it in Argentina for leased areas for periods of 10 years. They also have two starter cells.

E) Caa de azcar. The business is located in Mina Gerais and Mato Grosso do Sule, Brazil. In this last state is Angelika, the last generation mill of the company, which has a capacity of 4 million tons, out of a total installed 5.2 million tonnes.

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