Sunday , January 17 2021

Editorial policy of Spanish newspaper: "We will continue to steal football"

The move to Madrid's "Super Finals" continues to provide material that needs to be cut off, and the questions that Conmebol's decision has received from the Argentineans add that it is a recognized Spanish media that has been sent with editorial polemics.

"We will continue to steal football, to continue so we will continue to steal illusions and even the soul," warned the note signed by Mayor Cristina Kubero to Mundo Deportivo, analyzing everything that happened around the Copa Libertadores definition.

The Deputy Director for the Environment refers to the sport and violence that are being tested in the courts but also in the economic context. "Everybody wins, fewer people, fewer fans, less Argentina, consumed and suppressed, which becomes vulnerable, third world," he says.

"The fault is that Mauritius Macri did not have to play in Buenos Aires or not to play, but the guilt of the Presidents of the River and Boca who are not standing because they have the responsibility and the power to do so," he said. journalist.

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We will continue to steal. Continue in this way, despise your talent, surrender it, surrender to silver, feel bad because you want to be like it. Keep it and we will continue to steal the illusions and even the soul. Football is a value that Argentina has made a flag. Only a country with creativity in the veins can give birth to Maradona and Messi and only discuss who is the best in history if Diego or the first one we have grabbed because they could afford medical treatment in Barcelona.

The G-20 went through Buenos Aires and nothing happened. But football is more productive, it's a more expensive gift, good for trading. We have stolen it and all are accomplices and everyone earns, fewer people, fewer fans, less Argentina, consumed and oppressed, which becomes vulnerable, third world.

Superstars in the Libertadores final, the Boca River in Monumental, who decides the most important title in South America, the envy of the world, Real Madrid-Barcelona, ​​which we never had at the Championship final, mother of all matches … and we are busy in their noses and they tell you that everything is to blame, they are not prepared … And those who have to raise their voices and plant themselves, they travel first class in Madrid to stay in a super-luxury hotel and see how beautiful is the capital with the Christmas lights.

Guilt is not the stupid fan of the river, who throws a stone in Boca's bus with the complicity of a government that "relaxes" for sure. It is the fault that does not understand that this party is a chance to live. The blame is Mauricio Macri because he has not played a game in Buenos Aires or not. It is the fault of the Presidents of the River and Boca that are not planted. Because they have the responsibility and the power to do so. Conmebol is being sold because it is better in the picture the luxurious and organized box of Santiago Bernabeu, the stadium where we will quote the rich to see the denatured show. We will continue to steal. Football and even their souls.

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