Tuesday , June 15 2021

El Chino Agostini told about the Nazarene romance with Santiago Canyon: I think …

Born in a family related to the media thanks to their parents, Nazarene Veles and Daniel Agostini, Chino Agostini makes his first steps in the music world.

On Tuesday, he accompanied his friend More rial in releasing the song he wrote to his baby, "Hello Baby".

And in dialogue with PrimiciasYa.com, the young singer told how his friendly relationship with his daughter Jorge Rial: "We are still a lot of friends, some time ago we get along very well with her and she is very fond of me, I think she will do very well in the world of music and I hope there is a chance to do something together on the side of later ".

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On the other hand, he was reflecting on the romance of the Nazarene Santiago Cammano: – It's all right with Santiago, I appreciate it, I think Santi is a very good guy, I love him and it's more than calm, I approve of these relationships, we shared good moments in Mar del Plata, he's a very nice guy and he does alone.

Watch the interview with Chyno Agostini!

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