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El consumo eléctrico cayo 3.4% en octubre (el más bajo en 6 años)

At the end of the year, 3.4% of the energy consumption is expected to fall by the third quarter of 2012, the Fundación para el Desarrollo Eléctrico (Fundelec).

En el mismo sentido, (-3.1%) and Edenor (-4%), which is a major part of the capital of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which accounts for a trend of -3.3% , según datos provisorios de Compañía Administradora del Mercado Eléctrico, CAMMESA.

Fundec detalló, which has been depicted in the resignation of the residencials, commerce and industry, is one of the most important consumer products in the world since the beginning of 2012, namely the nominatives.

As a result of a quarterly increase (junio, julio y agosto) with a 5.8% increase on a year-on-year basis, it is noted that the two-month period (septiembre-octubre) has grown by 4.4% at 2018 at the beginning of the year and at a rate of 1,6% over the period of 2017.

In October 2018, the total market share of the Mercado Eléctrico Mayorista (MEM) was 9,875.1 GWh; con una baja interanual del 3,4%; no objectionable, hubo an intermensual 1% increase in the seventh of 2018.

The total consumption was around 40% (3,928.8 GWh) per dwelling, with a commercial sector accounting for 29% (2920.4 GWh) and industrial 31% (3.025.9 GWh).

También, inter-annular comparison, to a residual value of -1.3%, to a commercial decline of -4% y to industrial output and a decrease of Mayor -5.7%.

As you can see, the average monthly earnings per unit of the eLearning Registry have increased by 1.6%.

(-11%), San Juan (-11%), Chubut (-7%), San Juan (-11%), ), Jujuy (-7%), La Rioja (-7%), Tucumán (-6%), Córdoba (-5%), EDEN (-4% 3%), Entre Rios (-3%), Santa Fe (-2%), La Pampa (-1%), Mendoza (-1%), entre otros.

(3%), Formia (3%), Misiones (3%), EDEA (1%) and MEM en Chaco (9%), Santa Cruz (9%), Corrientes ), EDELAP (1%), entre otros.

En tanto, Río Negro and Salta mantuvieron are consumed in comparison with the interanual, de Funel.

The temperature was adjusted to 17.8 ° C and was maintained at 18.2 ° C, at 17.3 ° C.

En is marco, at generación local presento a decree of October 2017, siendo 10.371 GWh para is against 10.587 GWh para el mismo periodo del año anterior.

Alle igual que en los que mês, la participación de la importation fue fue baja la mer de satisfación de la suta: de importador de 25 GWh para octubre de 2018 frente and 13 GWh importados en octubre de 2017.

As a result of this, the generation of these products increased their sales growth by 59,04%, according to the company.

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