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Elections 2019: Electoral Calendar begins with a lot of deployment – 26.01.2019

The year of the presidential election begins with a test of the election of the first month. This Sunday, following the ruling of the Supreme Court, in La Rioja, a mandatory referendum will be held to determine if Governor Sergio Casas may run for re-election. In addition, there will be 15 Sunday elections and still need a few provinces to confirm their dates, which will be separated from the August and October national elections.

Although he does not define candidates like PASO, nor positions such as general elections, this Sunday Rioja will go to the election to decide in a plebiscite whether the possibility of a new re-election for the governor. The leader of the platforms received the approval of the local legislature in December and Friday the favorable decision of the Supreme Court.

Sergio Casas, governor of La Rioja, is seeking popular approval for the re-election this Sunday (Federico Lopez Claro)

Sergio Casas, governor of La Rioja, is seeking popular approval for the re-election this Sunday (Federico Lopez Claro)

They have the right to vote280,500 people in 204 tables, less than 1% of the national registry. There will be only two bulletins: "Yes" and "No". If "Yes" is to win, Kasas may present himself in the elections for another term, which is not yet due. In order to reject the amendment, according to the provincial electoral tribunal, "no" should add 35% or more of the register, nearly 98,500 votes.

The political opposition in La Rioja, which leads the change, but has a Peronist force, continued with criticism despite Supreme Court support and was united. There met Lieutenant-General Nestor Botsetti, the mayor of the Rio de Janeiro, Alberto Paredes Ucrza and the leaders of the UDF, as national senators, Julio Martinez and Ines Breeze and Doria, as well as the national deputy, Ector Olivares.

In turn, Cambemos ratified that he would appeal to the Supreme Court once again if the provincial electoral tribunal ratified the amendment and allowed Sergio Casas to reelect without the SI to reach 35% of the electoral roll.

Election Calendar 2019


When voting in each province according to the electoral schedule. A busy calendar that begins in La Pampa in February and may end with a national vote in November.