Monday , January 18 2021

Elisa Carrio's hardcore report against the judiciary: "They close the cause without investigating or delaying them"

One of the working holsters of Elizabeth Cariot and the members of the Civil Coalition are the fight against corruption through denunciation of justice. Thus, the ally of the government always focuses on the functioning of the judiciary for these reasons. Now the party that leads the legislature a report in which he summed up the state of the cases of organized crime and corruption and also left a number of issues of time and other shortcomings of justice.

"Justice closes reasons without investigating or delaying them, due to lack of freedom of preliminary investigation or lack of courage and in some cases against personal gain or profit", writes in one of the first paragraphs of the harsh report, which features the "lights and shadows of Argentine justice" as it was titled.

The document presented by the Advisory Committee also stressed that "the reasons are usually not directed against officials who belong to the authority of the day or have a cover of the same, and in the few cases that are usually taken when they become public and the judges they feel much watched by public opinion or end up with the government. This made Argentina a country outside the law. "

By the way, he gave an example of the recent justification of Carlos Menem in the case of alleged smuggling of weapons: "There are scandalous events like that of former President Menem, who was acquitted by the Cassation Chamber after more than twenty years of unjustified delay in the investigation for smuggling weapons. So, of course, MPs from the Civic-Ari Coalition have filed charges with Judges Katuchi, Rigi and Mahik, and we have filed so many demands for prosecution against judges and prosecutors across the country. ".

The letter also recalls the cause of General Rodriguez's triple crime and explains: "The cause of ephedrine, the funding of electoral campaigns through drug trafficking (…) are intertwined in the above-mentioned conspiracy, organized by organized crime / political power / Impunity provided by justice ". In this context, the document signed by Elisa Carri√≥ does not mention the former employee in particular: "This explains that Anibal Fernandez is one of the most unpunished people in the country. "

The report was accompanied by a comprehensive chart summarizing the state of affairs 110 criminal complaints filed by the LC. The document warns that of all of them, "sixteen were filed immediately and eight were closed without an investigation, up to five years later, for alleged lack of crime. They remained active only in appearance but without real jurisdiction. There are even many reasons that only four or five years have been decided on who the court has intervened. On the contrary, the set of reasons that have been judged are only four, not counting everyone with a strong conviction. "

The text continues to highlight the astounding times of justice: "The reasons that continue at the training stage amount to 82, even when some dates from 2006 and 2008, such as the denunciation of YPF emptying and the mega cause of the illegal association. "

Finally, he described that, based on the analysis under analysis, there was "a very little encouraging picture of the operation mainly of federal justice." In any case, there is a warning that there is "a contradiction to the results observed in recent years." One important fact should not be missed: during the period 2016/2018, many of the reports by Deputy Prime Minister Elisabeth Cariot and the Civil Coalition were, among others, convicted, persecuted and even detained in custody, such as Julio De Vido, Roberto Barat, Ricardo Jaime, Claudio Uberti, Rudi Ulouva Igor, Cristobal Lopez, Lazaro Baze, Carlos Wagner.

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