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Elizabeth KARIO insulted the head of the deputies from the PRO: "I knew you were a deceiver, but not a son of a bitch" – 15.05.2019

In the House of Deputies, explosions were also sparked by the violent defeat of Cumbiesos in Cordoba, where the coalition that supported the Macrista government was split.

In a session this Wednesday, in a congress hall, Elisa Carrió He crossed hard and offended Nicholas Masso, head of the Pro bench, but in Cordovan internally plays with a radical Ramon Mestre and p Rodrigo de Laredothe radical candidate for mayor of the capital.

At the moment this Maso, accompanied by the deputy of the judges, was at the moment Ruben Miranda, passed to the Civil Coalition leader who spoke standing in a corridor to the fence with a man.

"I knew you were a deceiver, but not that son of a bitch, Carrie threw a confused Masso.

"How did you tell me?" The head of the PRO block approached him without being surprised.

– Bitch son "Kario repeated.

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– Do not respect me! the Deputy replied.

The Deputy Carla Carrisoof Radical Evolution, which witnessed the scene, approached Masso. "Come, I have come"he tried to calm him down and take him away. Massot managed to return Carrió:

"You're irresponsible, you're destroying everything, you're responsible for the Cordoba disaster!"

Cario did not try to ignore it. On the contrary, he called tonight Mario Negri, head of the inter-block campbom, and who supports the dispute over the Cordoba board of directors.

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"Tell the reporters I did not once say a son of a bitch." I told him four times, he argues in a hint at the intersection published by Cordovan newspaper La Voz.

In this hall, on the first floor, the episode was observed in addition to Carizo and Miranda by Deputy Mendoza Omar Felix.

In the room, at the end of the session, Carrió showed his dissatisfaction with the head of the chamber and the political head of Maso, Emilio Montezo, who accused him of not giving him the floor. – I forgot [de encender el micrófono]Mr President, because you do not allow me to speak, he said in a brief speech to ask for roll-call votes on some articles of the Party Financing Act approved this Wednesday.

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During the Carrió campaign, there was a controversial step in Cordoba. And after defeat on Sunday, he pointed to those who had been erased in his understanding of this race. "They disgust me," he said. He recalled everything the government had "owed" to Negri, and pointed directly at Interior Minister Rogelio Frigerio and Patricia Bourric.

On Thursday before the Cordoba elections, Carrió had left Massot the audio with the same insult.

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