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Energizer will present a mobile phone with the world's largest battery

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Although almost everyone here is familiar with Energizer for its known alkaline batteries, the truth is that this American company has also dared in recent years the smartphone industry from the hand of the manufacturer and distributor Avenir Telecom. And how could it be otherwise, all these Energizer devices come with them Battery capabilities up to the battery manufacturer's expectation

And if at the end of last year we were left with the Energizer Power Max P16K Pro 16000 mAh battery, Energizer is also set to surprise the 2019 World Mobile Congress, which will come after the Samsung Galaxy S10 premiere.

It is for this reason that the pink bunny brand will appear up to 26 smartphone models distributed across different lines of products among which they are folding mobile phone (yes, one more) and a powerful copy equipped with 18000 mAh battery, the biggest capacity it has ever seen on a smartphone and a challenge for airport security ("will it be legal to board an airplane with that?").

Energizer MWC promotional banner

In any case, the introduction of this new and ultra-powered Energizer terminal in society does not guarantee an entry ticket for the competitive mobile market, in fact the previous "super-mobile" Energizer, Power Max P16K Pro 16000 mAh which we mentioned before, was quite discreetly produced and distributed, as GSMArena notes.

Returning to the World Mobile Congress, the new Energizer smartphone line 6 first-class models, among which will be reported one collapsibleThese models will be added two more product lines: one with a few phones with a feature while another focuses directly on smartphones.

As Energizer notes on her website, the three main pillars of her mobile devices start from diversity, quality and especially autonomythe latter clearly resonated with its advertising slogans.

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Finally, point to this reference on Android battery, for example, in the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6, 4000 mAh, which guarantees us between 7 and 10 hours of screen time and up to two days of rare use.

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