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Epic Mega Sale lost two pre-sales on the first day

Yesterday Epic released the Mega Sale, its own version of Steam's sales, where he offers games up to 75% off and $ 10 for purchases over $ 14.99. Epic seems to be ready to compete with the well-known Steam season, which is expected by the end of June, but at the end of the day, consumers have realized that Epic Store has lost two titles and the price of another has increased. ,

Vampire: Masquerade – bloodlines 2 disappeared first. The game was available for pre-sale and, according to Epic, the game will soon return to the store. They did not say when, although it is likely after the end of the offers.

Oxygen not included by Klei Entertainment, which was also available for pre-sale, also disappeared from the store. It is logical for publishers not to want their games to be placed on the market. And while there are other pre-sales games, they are exclusive at the Epic Store.

In an interview, Epic said: "If a developer or publisher decides not to participate in our offers, we will agree to their decision Paradox Interactive and Klei Entertainment decided not to participate in Epic Mega Sale and their games were temporarily removed from the store. have purchased during the period of discounts, Epic will keep this price. "

Meanwhile, the price of Hades – Battle Out of Hell has risen for several hours, but after the impact it has, Supergiant's games say it's a mistake. The game now has the original price of $ 19.99, with a bid price of $ 9.99. Then the price will increase to $ 24.99.

What do you think of the Epic Games Store?

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