Wednesday , July 28 2021

Expected markets after triggered dollar, country risk and asset deviation

It must be remembered that the great political and economic uncertainty that exists today in Argentina, something that recognizes a lot Mauriceio MacriHe did this on Wednesday the country's risk will skyrocket 11% to 950 basis points – reaching 963 a day – (a new maximum for 5 years) and dollar-denominated bonuses such as Bonar 2024 will suffer a drop of 6.2% (they are already earning ) to almost 20% per year).

While, The stock market in Buenos Aires has fallen by almost 4%and thus deletes (slight) annual gains in pesos Wall Street shares in Argentina sank to 13.7%.

In this context dollar it has risen again strongly and has moved closer to its nominal value due to increased demand for coverage due to extreme political uncertainty and local economic problems but also due to a very negative day for emerging currencies.

The retail price jumped by 3.2% $ 44.92, according to the average value in banks and agencies in the city of Buenos Aires, very close to its historic maximum of $ 44.96 (registered April 5).

Where the quote reached a new record was in the wholesale market where the currency rose by 3.7% (+ $ 1.55) to $ 43.95,

Exports of cereals still continue with low figures for the liquidation of their crops, which is about 100 million dollars a day, no more. It did not help the international price of soy, which is still loosening in Chicago.

Meanwhile central bank sold at auction in total u $ s 60 million, twice, at an average price of $ 43.5316 and $ 43.8659.

Prices fluctuated with marked volatility and sudden price changes in an environment that constantly sought to dollar investment portfolios.


BCRA approved on Wednesday an increase in the Leliq, which is an average of. t 68.366% of (44.5 points yesterday), and earned $ 172.399 million, compared to a $ 198.315 million maturity for which $ 25.916 million was released.

Other Markets

On the other hand, in the informal square, son advanced 35 cents to $ 44.50 and returned to the official quote, according to the study of this environment in the caves of Buenos Aires.

The money market between banks was calling for money, operating close to 66%. In the ROFEX futures market, the traded volume increased by 50% to $ 1,552 million.

on International reserves of the Central Bank $ 222 million have fallen $ 72,329 million,

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