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Expecting a mysterious statement from Elon Musk, which aims to connect the human brain to computers

This meeting, which only a limited group of users can follow through streaming (to follow, have to register in advance and have no seats), can offer details of incredible technological advancements. Or maybe this is just an indication of an ambitious undertaking.

Elon Musk is concerned about the progress made by artificial intelligence in leaps and bounds in recent years. And in order not to be abandoned in this battle, the developer believes that people need to improve their abilities, become cyborgs, optimizing their work.

But how do I do it? With the idea of ​​finding an answer to this conundrum, Musk created in 2016 Neuralink, a company that is working on developing advanced broadband machine-brain interfaces to connect people and computers.

To achieve this plan, looking for small electrodes to be implanted in the brain so that it gets advanced computing capabilities. Now, what will the musk for the progress of this technology show?

"Based on speculation by external experts, ex-experts, and previous work by scientists Neuralink has made, the company can use a so-called" neural "sewing machine to inject flexible electrodes into the brain. of the monkey and then records the activity of a large number of neurons at one time, "analyzes in an article in the journal Nature MIT Technology Review,

This conjunction with the monkey's brain will be able to extract a great deal of information by recording the activity of several neurons at once, using ultra-thin flexible electrodes. This in itself sounds fascinating.

The company is also supposed to talk about new computer chip sets that can simplify the flow of information that leaves the brain or sends the data to the skull wirelessly.

And what would be the use of a network of connections of this kind? It is believed that this information can be used by millions of neurons to nurture deep programs of learning or deep learning. In the end, getting a better understanding of brain functioning and data storage would help create the ambitious interface of the brain machine.

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