Wednesday , June 16 2021

Falls of Tesla and Boeing put pressure on Wall Street

Wall Street has tried to find its place in a festive session of European stock exchanges. And he did it with difficulty with a loss of 0.18% for Dow Jones which remains 26,511 points pressured by BoeingOn a day marked by the sharp rise in oil prices The S & P 500 dares to close to the maximum to close at 2,907 points with an increase of 0.10% while Nasdaq advanced 0.2% to the highest levels of 8.015 points.

Boeing is one of the main culprits for Dow Jones's loss of more than 1.3 percent after "The New York Times" published a report in which the media revealed that the company's aircraft poor quality and dangerous.

on Investors also remain very cautious about the development of oil prices, with Western Texas growing by 2% to $ 65.51 following the US's decision to end the exemptions available to eight countries to import oil freely from Iran.

In particular, the countries that have so far had imported card-Blanche Iranian crude oil (China, India, Taiwan, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Greece and Italy) will have to join the economic and oil embargo approved by Washington on May 1.

In this environment, titles of companies such as Meet Phillips or Exxon Mobil They rise by more than 2.5% in the first bar of the negotiations.

In the business section, highlights the fall in Tesla's shares, which exceeds 3.8% to $ 262.75, close to a minimum of more than two years after the release of several videos in which his Model S used technical failures.

The market is being prepared for a week, full of relevant business results, with names like Coca Cola, Twitter, Facebook or Amazon among the main characters of the week. For the time being, with 15% of companies already on the table, the S & P 500, expectations are better than expected. In particular, 78% of companies that have already submitted their bills have beat the forecasts.

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