Sunday , September 25 2022

Family-focused, at Pediatric they talk about diabetes


This year's theme is "Diabetes and family" with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of family support to people with this non-communicable chronic disease. In the context of the day of world consciousness, yesterday morning activities were held at Juan Pablo II Hospital designed for children and their parents. They consist of prevention and control of sugar by specialists from health centers.
In the hospital hall, they placed a platform where the Director of Health Promotion and Protection, Adela Saade, presented the day and talked about the need to raise awareness about the disease. At the same time, he presented the Pediatric service team and thanked the Ministry of Health officials, deputy secretary Carmen Pérez Duarte and coordinator of the Provincial Diabetes Program, Mario Rodríguez.
Also, physical education teachers teach exercises, emphasizing their importance to prevent disease. Older adults from the grandparents' club participated in this activity, and then they could enjoy music numbers with others present.
At the entrance to the hospital, people are accepted with didactic games that aim to teach healthy habits. It consists of the path where you reach the end following, for example, a good diet.
In addition, there is a booth where the brochure is delivered, some emphasize problems related to diabetes, such as blindness. Health workers do glycemia and control weight, and if they need treatment, they advise them where they can approach.
On the other hand, today are specialists working in hospitals, detailing the number of patients caring for this disease and noting that the number of type 2 diabetes is increasing, which can be prevented by healthy habits.
"Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented because it appears acute in children who appear to be healthy, so we must take precautions. Parents can find out whether children often urinate or need lots of water, for example. Here we prevent a serious part of type 1 diabetes. we also treat children with type 2 diabetes that can be prevented and must be done with habit. In this service we have 174 patients and the number is increasing, "said Amanda Benítez, head of John Paul II's Endocrinology and Diabetes Services.
In this sense, Laura Pomares, a diabetes expert and nutrition specialist, said: "Regarding type 1 diabetes it is not known why it increases, it is believed that something environmental or viral in someone who has a genetic predisposition. Type 2 can be prevented and there is an increase in prevalence. related to healthy living habits and this is a problem for the whole family, that's why this year's motto. "
On the other hand, Deputy Secretary Duarte said that "we must make people aware of the importance of healthy habits such as eating and physical activity. These habits must be taken into account since childhood, in this way contribute to the prevention of diabetes and other chronic non-communicable diseases.
The program coordinator recalled that from the primary health center they tracked diabetic patients, ie they worked in the field.

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