Monday , June 14 2021

Fasie's leadership so that 5,000 fans of Workshops enter Morumbi

workshops live hours of extreme happiness and anxiety about what will be the revenge against Sao Paulo, this Wednesday at 8.30 pm, for the second date of Copa Libertadores of America 2019,

Matador's public has a lot of hope and expectation for this game, which is why many people have traveled to the Brazilian lands.

The Sao Paulo Club has already formally ratified that there are only three thousand seats for the visiting audience.

But now in Brazil, the President of T, Andres Fassy, manages for expand this amount to five thousand, because the idea is that "no fans" from Morumbí.

This management was done with Argentine Embassy, so this is a connection that makes it possible to get an exception with the police of that city, which for this kind of sporting events allows only three thousand visitors.

WITH EVERYONE. Fasis lives in a time of happiness with workshops. (Photo: Archives of La Voz)

"The San Pablo police allow only three thousand visitors, we want to give guarantees to the fans of the seminars that come in. In the afternoon we meet the people of San Pablo, we hope to receive the treatment we gave them here in Cordoba" numb Pasi before Impact of the radio,

"We have no idea how many people can come, unfortunately the quantity of tickets received is not in us. This moment is kind to the soul, few know the efforts behind them, no one knows what we are living in these four years, and we need to emphasize the efforts of the board of directors, "Fasie added in the program. Futbolémico,

So far, through customs, 65 groups have already passed, according to the club's data. To this will be added also those who have done it by airplane and in private vehicles.

Tickets and admission to Morumbi

The official information is that Sao Paulo will have only three thousand tickets and that they will begin to sell on the same Wednesday at 17.30 (Brazilian time) in slot 5 at gate 15 at Morumbi Stadium. Tickets cost 90 reels (around 950 pesos if you change the currency).

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