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Federal Police and Prefecture hacking: what are the failures that would facilitate the attack – 08/12/2019


The official Twitter account of the Argentine Navy prefecture was hacked on Monday at noon and within minutes they spread fake news, as confirmed by this power to hunting horn, Meanwhile, the Federal Police have condemned another computer attack in justice. A Twitter user claims both facts and said he received sensitive security data and leaked some of it to the "deep web". Now, a specialist explains to this newspaper the main ways they can access itIt also contributes details of the "dark web" and points it out "It won't be easy to find those responsible",

Head of ESET's research lab, Camilo Gutierrez, explains that there are some two ways which can lead to hacking of these features. "It may have been a social engineering attack, That is, some of the people who manage these accounts was tricked into transmitting access credentials"This can happen when they get into an insecure site that asks them for information to continue surfing with an excuse, such as the need to update information," says Gutierrez.

In that sense, the recommendation, the expert says, is this few people have passwords and at the same time this are trained to avoid these threats,

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The second option, according to Gutierrez, is this one have managed to introduce each device, "This can happen when, for example, a user download dangerous content on your phone, In this case, the hacker manages to gain access to all the content of the smartphone that he currently includes emails, social networks, bank accounts", Adds the specialist.

In this case, what could be the error?

there three options or a mixture of them all, Gutierrez says. "For one thing, we're talking human factor related to the lack of computer security training. Another central point is related to the security technology used by the agency, or antivirus, or careful browsing programs, "Gutierrez adds, though he warns that"technology management is also essential"He says. "They can have the best security systems in a company or government agency and be hacked the same way. How? For example, by typing the agency email from a personal device. The employee downloads an unsecured and ready file, "the expert says.

The user who stated that the hack said that some of the information in the "deep web" had leaked. The Federal Police have confirmed until hunting horn attack and reported that an investigation had been launched. The Ministry of Security then appealed to justice, Telam reports. City police, also cited by the hacker, said they had reviewed the content and there was no information on the force.

According to Gutierrez, it is actually those data that are not yet known to be true, ie. they moved to the "dark web" which is part of the "deep web",

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"In the deep internet, there are undivided information, content not loaded, which cannot be "googlear"", Explains the specialist. "IN dark web, which can only be accessed with a dedicated browser (TOR), adds another detail. User input does this by jumping from one server to another. About that it becomes very difficult to understand who has shared information and who has accessed it", He emphasizes. And he wants to make it clear that this is a technology tool that can be used for good or bad. "There's a dark part of the Internet child pornography, drug and gun sales but at the same time, journalists use it from countries where there is no freedom of expression and press disseminates information without censorship"Gutierrez says.

The fact that the leak has occurred in the dark web is not so easy to find responsible. "They may not find it or it will take them a long time to do it.", close.


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