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Felipe Colombo recalled when Nacha Guevara undressed in front of him in the locker room: "It is inevitable to have a body reaction"


Felipe Colombo recalled when Nacha Guevara undressed in front of him in the locker room (Video: "PH, we can talk" – Telefe)

Guest password for PH, can we talk Last Saturday it was supposed to move to Nar. A "meeting" of those who had lived romance with a difference in age. Felipe Colombo He was one of those who came forward and said with his partner, camel, take a little over ten years.

The difference between them didn't seem that big compared to the experiences other guests told. About that Andy Kuznetsof, the cycle leader, He referred to the "romance" he had with Nacha GuevaraThe use of quotes is not accidental: in 2005 they participated in the play The entrant, which tells the story of a young man who is seduced by an older woman and then falls in love with her daughter. But beyond what happened on stage, the actors were involved in a specific story that is worth telling,

In the play they had to do some risky scenes. "Her son made the lights. It was a very nice design because it was a very important time for the work. But still she was very ashamed of the circumstance and the scene ", Recall Colombo.

"So they agreed with the director that it would be interesting for me to understand the reaction my character may have. They told me,"Felipe, the director wants to see you in Nacha's dressing room ", Then I thought, "Now, every time a director wants to see me in Nacha's dressing room, he has to fart." I haven't been to text theater for a long time, and I'm nervous, "the actor says.

According to his story, he was greatly surprised when he entered the dressing room. A story she will never forget: "The director told me, 'Felipe, what do you think, what is the scene when she comes into the room and gets naked? " The door opens and Nacha comes out with a towel. He does this and undresses ",

To the surprise of all in attendance, he referred to his feelings at the time, though he left more doubt than certainty: "Beyond this she is a beautiful woman with a body and this as a person it is inevitable that there will be an almost immediate reaction of the body … "

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