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Five processors that are not worth buying, five alternatives

The start of the Ryzen 3000 processors came a few days ago. We saw contradictory views, but the truth is that AMD has, in general, achieved a significant leap both at a level performance to performanceand the best thing is that he succeeded maintaining backward compatibility with motherboards B350 and X370.

There is no doubt that AMD has fulfilled almost all of its promises with Ryzen 3000. Yes, we said almost everyone, and that is, the results in monochrome results are slightly below expectations. This allowed Intel to continue to lead in brutal power with Core 8000 and Core 9000 based on the Coffee Lake and Coffee Lake Refresh architecture, although AMD solutions offer very good value for money on almost all levels.

Now that we have all the Intel and AMD innovations in the market, we have more processors to choose from – something that has a positive but a negative side: there are more opportunities and more competitive prices, but also more confusion.

Choosing a processor today is more complex than ever, so we've decided to make this guide that you'll find five processors that are no longer worth buying and we will give you five alternatives that are a good choice. At the heart of this guide is, as always, the amount of money each CPU offers.

If you have any questions, you can leave it in the comments and we will be happy to help you solve it. I remind you before you start that if you plan to upgrade your equipment to Ryzen 3000 and have an AM4 platform based on the B350 and X370 chips, you need to make sure the manufacturer has released a specific BIOS to enable compatibility.

I am aware that almost all the B350 and X370 plates can be moved even to the Ryzen 9 3900X no problems at VRM level (in some cases only on frequency bundles), but updating the BIOS is the key to using it, so keep this in mind before you take the step.

Processors that are not worth buying

1.-Core i7 8700K

This is a processor based on the architecture of the coffee lake, which has one thing in common six cores and twelve threads at 3.7 GHz-4.3 GHz, normal mode and turbo with all active cores. It supports overclocking and can reach without problems at 5 GHz, which allows it to offer a high level of performance but its value for money is not good.

There are currently costs for 372,99 €, a very high figure for what it offers, and what we can buy today with that money. Yes, there is no doubt that with this processor you can enjoy great productivity, but there are solutions with a much higher value.

An alternative option worth buying: on Ryzen 7 3700X This is clearly a better opportunity in every way. This processor is based on the Zen 2 architecture 8 cores and 16 threads at 3.6 GHz-4.25 GHz with all active cores and supporting overclocking.

Its performance in games is average and at 1080p resolution, which is 4% lower than that achieved by Core i7 8700K, but in CPU performance tests that exceed an average of 10% due to the larger number of cores and threads. This also guarantees longer life and an optimal transition when PS5 and Xbox Scarlett arrive. The price of the Ryzen 7 3700X is EUR 361,90,

In case you want a limited alternative to Intel, you have to choose the option Core i7 9700Kchip eight cores and eight threads based on Coffee Lake Refresh, operating at 3.6 GHz-4.6 GHz, normal mode and turbo with all active cores. Supports overclocking and has a price tag EUR 389.99,

2. Core i3 8350K

With the kind cooperation of Tech Spot.

It's a processor four cores and four threads based on the café lake architecture that operates at 4 GHz but maintains overclocking that allows you to upload it 5 GHz without any problems. His performance is very high, but already shows clear symptoms of exhaustion in games that work with more than four threads.

What has been said has a very clear meaning and is that it will not do well with the transition that will mark the next generation of consoles. If we join this its high price, around 175.16 euros on average, the conclusion is clear that it is not a good purchase.

An alternative option worth buying: We really have several options. If we limit to Intel, the best option in this price range is Core i5 9400F, based on the Coffee Lake Refresh, a chip that has six cores and six threads at 2.9 GHz in normal mode and 3.8 GHz in turbo mode with all active cores. Its price is 150 euros,

It is important to keep in mind that the Core i5 9400F offers excellent results today and thanks to the six cores the high consumer price index should make an acceptable transition to the new generation that we will be living by the end of 2020.

If you want an alternative to AMD, the best option is now Ryzen 5 2600, based on Zen +, which adds six cores and twelve threads at 3.4 GHz-3.9 GHz, normal and turbo mode and supports overclocking. It has a lower IPC than Core i5 9400F, but performs better in many threads and costs a little less, 143.71 euros,

3. -Ryzen 7 1800X

It was AMD's flagship with the launch of the first-generation processors based on Zen architecture in early 2017, and it is actually the processor I've been using for more than two years, but with the current view of the market and the price , which he holds, I must say so Not worth it.

We are facing a processor eight cores and sixteen threads Works at 3.6 GHz-4 GHz, normal and turbo mode, and supports overclocking. Its performance in the multitrain is excellent and the IPC is more or less the same as the Intel Skylake processors, which means it's a powerful chip and can easily handle the transition to the new generation, but its price is too high. , Right now 199 euros.

An alternative option worth buying: We currently have two great opportunities. The first and most recommended is to choose a Ryzen 7 2700, based on Zen +, which also has eight cores and sixteen threads works at 3.2 GHz-4.1 GHz, normal and turbo mode, and supports overclocking.

This processor has a higher IPC, better support for DDR4 memory at high speeds and offers peak of excellence, Definitely recommended purchase, as it costs a little more, EUR 210,21,

You may not want to spend more than 200 euros, so you have an option Ryzen 7 1700, based on the Zen architecture it supports eight cores and sixteen threadsIt works at 3 GHz-3.7 GHz, normal and turbo mode, and supports overclocking, so we can upload it at 3.8 GHz-3.9 GHz without any problem. Its price is 179 euros,

4. -Ryzen 5 1500X

Account with four cores and eight threads Operating at 3.5 GHz-3.7 GHz, it supports overclocking and is based on Zen architecture. This remains a perfect solution for work and play with guarantees, but its price is too high for what it offers, so much that it makes no sense

We can find her EUR 149.99one figure too high for what we can find now on the market, as we will see below.

An alternative option worth buying: undoubtedly the best option we have in the Ryzen 5 2600, one of the best value processors currently in existence. It is based on the Zen + architecture, adds six cores and twelve threads at 3.4 GHz-3.9 GHz, normal and turbo mode, supports overclocking and has, as we said above, a price of 143.71 eurosit's cheaper than the Ryzen 5 1500X, although it's much more powerful.

If we want an alternative from Intel, we will repeat the recommendation Core i5 9400F, which is also the best thing the chip giant currently has in the cost-performance ratio. hill 150 euros.

5. Ryzen 3 1300X

This is another case like the previous CPU price that makes no sense about what we offer and the alternatives we can find today on the market.

At the architectural level, the Ryzen 3 1300X is based on Zen, has four cores and four threads at 3.5 GHz-3.7 GHz, normal and turbo mode, and supports overclocking. He is able to offer good performance even in games, although he weakens in those who handle more than four threads. In some stores it is available for more than 130 euros but its average price is about 110 euros. This is too expensive for what it offers.

An alternative option worth buying: the best option if we have a very limited budget that we have in Ryzen 5 1600, a processor based on Zen architecture that has a price of 125.98 euros and that it offers six cores and twelve threads at 3.2 GHz-3.6 GHz, normal and turbo mode. It supports overclocking, so we can get it without problems up to 3.9 GHz-4 GHz.

His work is much better is ready to bear the transition This will mark the next generation of consoles, thanks to its high capacity.

It's time to buy a processor

Prior to AMD Ryzen's arrival, the sector was in a complicated situation, especially for the consumer. The alternatives were minimalIntel dominated the cotarro and the user had no choice but to go for the two cores and four threads in the low range, the four midrange cores, and the four cores and the eight filaments in the highest class.

This situation has continued since the launch of the first generation Core to the seventh generation Core, for about seven years. The start of Ryzen in the second quarter of 2017 put the sector down, democratizing the processors of six and eight cores and has forced Intel to increase the number of kernels and lower prices,

Thanks to the race today, we can find six-core processors and twelve threads that previously cost us almost 400 euros, for less than 130 eurosand the eight-core processors and sixteen threads that were just around the corner 1000 Euro, for less than 200 euros.

I think not everyone is aware of this reality, from what Ryzen's arrival meant to everyone, and for this reason it seems important to be illustrated with these examples. We have already said this on other occasions, competition is essential in order to enjoy ever better products at more attractive prices, so no matter which brand you like the most, the fact that Intel and AMD are strong, is good for all.

If you have any doubts about the processor you have to choose, we will finish just a script which will serve as your base and will help you clarify:

  • Budget below 130 euros: The ideal is to bet on the Ryzen 1600 as it offers good gross performance and has great potential for multi-flow, thanks to its six cores and the twelve threads. If you want Intel a bit more, you have, as we have said, Core i5 9400F.
  • Budget of 200 euros: Your best option is Ryzen 7 2700, even if you spend a little (it costs 210 euros). He adds eight cores and sixteen threads and has a very good performance in the common lines.
  • Budget of 300 euros: This is a level that is quite empty. The closest and most recommended option is the Ryzen 7 3700X, which, as we said, has eight cores and sixteen threads, excellent performance and costs 361.90 euros.
  • Budget of over 400 euros: is a segment in which the efficiency ratio for the EUR-denominated investment starts to decrease and becomes quite poor. However, at this level the best option is the Core i9 9900K, which adds eight cores and sixteen threads for 489.90 euros. If you plan to make an investment with a long-term plan, you might consider Ryzen 9 3900X as it adds 12 cores and 24 threads, but keep in mind that while this number of cores is being used effectively, you may need to wait for the heirs of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

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