Saturday , January 23 2021

Flor Peña and a strong shot with Ramirez Ponce de Leon

The two of them climbed a hot shot with sympathy.

Florea Pena's controversial photo with her partner.

Florencia Penya and Ramirez Ponce de Leon have fun well after the scandal that was generated this year around Eliana Mendoza and polyamors.

"Divine Baby on Monday," says Flo Penya in the picture.

"What a beautiful photo," "They are a divine couple," "They are very sweet," were some of the comments of their followers.

"When they want to attack me on social networks, they say" lady, "and I'm very happy to be a lady because I've lived it," I'm very alive for 44 years, "he began jokingly about his age, then more seriously Flor continued: "When I started at the age of seven, there were no social networks or instragram, there was almost no Internet, so the things that happened in me were in my house, thank God," he continued.

"When my career came to progress, it took almost 37 years, networks began to appear, and so many good things and other bad ones, I stay with the good, with the connection, with the opportunity to find inspiration, to find in the social networks a new way to rethink life and rethink one, that's the beautiful part, "Floral concluded.

It's all don don Juan! Tom's romantic message, the son of Flor Penya, Juanita Tinelli

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