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Florencia Bertotti told the whole truth about her conflict with Cris Morena – 15/05/2019

Between 2004 and 2007 T Florence Bertotti was the main hero of success, first in them and then in the theater floriculture, one of many of the youth's creations Chris Morena, but In 2009 the actress produces, directs and takes part in the children's band Nini,

This provoked the anger of the famous manufacturer the distance between the two, with copyright claims in the media, Bertotis talks about this conflict during his visit violators (America, Monday to Friday at 1 pm).

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"There was no struggle, they were facts analyzed from outside, which became titles, then there was room in our relationships." We did not see each other anymore. We also did not need to see"Many things happened to us and we grew up in our directions," the actress began.

And he went on:There was a difference, but then it was nice to keep this. Today everything is more than good. Neither of us should adhere to dissatisfaction.

But then, consulted by the plagiarism trial, he clarified: "It was not a process, it was not brought to this case. He felt the fiction that I did was one way, and another. At first instance, this claim was rejected and then it had to be accepted. We were full of the project. and organized by the parties. That stopped the situation.

"The reality is that this was not a happy situation, it hurt me at that time", admitted Florencia, who then began: "What I stole was the main character",

After Jorge Rial asked if they finally went to court or whether they solved the issue between them. "We accept economic compensation"He had to solve the problem and keep recording," he said.

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"We all have the right to travel and that Chris knows and understands," he continued, saying that his relationship with the manufacturer was good: – We said "what happened last" and we continue. This (for the conflict), in everyone's life, is a small grain of sand. "

When asked whether she would go back to work with Chris Morena, the actress said, "I talked to her a while ago There was a lot to do. Even connected with floriculture, which has remained in the memory of many. There are always things that can be done, "he concluded, leaving the door open for the future.


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